Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hodgepodgery gone wild!

With thoughts running wild, I bring you another brilliant and alluring installment of "Hodgepodge Posts Of Randomness". Fueled by my trusty, massive cup of coffee and with knuckles freshly cracked, the words will now incessantly flow from my fingertips. You have been warned.

FIRST of all - HI! I know I haven't been around much. I suck!

SECONDLY - I currently have heartburn/weird stomach pains going on. This sucks even more!

THIRDLY - I am thinking of revamping my "healthy lifestyle habits" a bit. Starting on Monday the 14th. Some of the changes (some done before, some new) are listed below. I feel like I'm in a slump, both with my eating and with my workouts, and I need to SLAP THE HECK OUT OF IT!
  • No carbs for dinner 3x a week!
  • Up the veggies because I've been slacking a bit lately!
  • Start drinking protein shakes for my pre-workout snack with a piece of fruit for some carb kick!
  • Cut back on dairy. NO MORE GREEK YOGURT! Oh my! (not every day that is, on occasion is fine...)
  • Drink a gallon of water a day! (this one seems so difficult for me...sigh...)
  • Start taking multivitamins again!
  • Change up workout routine a bit. Sort of sick of the repetition. I have NO definitive plan yet though!
  • Attempt a few runs outside at the local park. I'm curious to see how much I can handle.
  • Up the cardio again. I've been slacking on this more than anything else!
  • Buy new gym clothes. My current "fashionable" vomit inducing selection is disturbingly AWFUL! You look good, you feel good, you're more confident and you work out harder. SIMPLE!
FOURTHLY - Ann's Birthday is this Sunday and we are celebrating on Saturday. This brings on mixed feelings of dread, fear, joy and anticipation. Fear and dread because I know we will be naughty. We're going to the winery with snacks in tow for Pete's sake. There's obviously also anticipation and joy for the exact same reason. I think the following pictures will sum up the usual mischievousness of Birthdays spent at the winery. We go there for her Birthday every year! HA!

Ann's Birthday, 2008...

Ann's Birthday, 2009...

(Whew, I was a plump little bunny back then wasn't I?) :-O

FIFTHLY - After 3 straight hours of discomfort, the heartburn/weird pain has finally resided. Thank goodness. That was horrible! My body has been acting so weird lately.... ???

SIXTHLY - The horrible and disgusting "skunk panther" (as I have lovingly named it) tattoo on my chest is going to be covered up. Nick's brother will be hooking me up with a sweet new tattoo just as soon as we decide on an exact design. I was 16-17 when I got that HORRIBLE thing permanently attached to my body and I've basically hated it ever since. I'm SO excited about this! The styles of sparrow I like are below. Obviously we will have to work with something that can cover up Mr. Skunky the best. I have high hopes though. And I know what you're thinking (perverts) but NO, Nick's brother will NOT (repeat) NOT see me topless. The current tattoo is high enough that I can just wear a tube top or something. Thank you very much!

SEVENTHLY - has their $10 t-shirt sale going on and I finally placed an order with them. I've pondered it for years for reasons beyond me without ever actually placing an order. Today was the day. I got 2 sweet T'shirts (below) at an awesome price and they should arrive in a week or so. Yay.

Nick tried to talk me into getting this one as well. He wants us to have matching ones to be super SPECIAL! HAHAHAHA! I think he talked another one of his friends into it as well. Can't wait for this group outing. How can I pass that opportunity up? I mean just look at its awesomeness. Cats playing pianos in space!! DA DA DAAAAAA! It's PERFECT! But sadly, it was out in my size. NOOOOOOO!! It's a T'shirt Kitty Tragedy!

EIGHTHLY - I'm all out of words now. My fingers are numb so it's time to say bye bye. Be back in a few days my lovelies. Don't fret. I'll have a full Birthday update post for your reading pleasure soon enough.



Karin said...

Haha that Audrey Hepburn tee is hilarious!

Sorry to hear about your stomach though. I hope you'll feel better soon!

sweetlife said...

sporry you are not feeling well, I love the pics of the bday the tshirts, also I'm glad your getting rid of the skunk panther, love the new ideas, ggod luck with the changes...


sweetlife said...

heu girl just checking in, haven't heard anything from ya....take care..


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