Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Under Pressure!

Why hello there!

SO, it has come to my attention that I haven't blogged in a while. Apparently some people find this to be simply unacceptable. I'm under pressure to perform, blog, whine, share, complain and jibber jabber until all the words fall numb on my tongue. SO here I am in all my splendor, ready to do just that.

I've been a naughty little busy girl lately. Every weekend has been jam packed with fun, friends, events, cookouts, wine, beer, snacking and tomfoolery. So in other words, not the healthiest decisions have been made. HOWEVER, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Does anyone else find it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Summer months? I swear it seems like there's always something going on!

First we went on vacation. The following weekend included a night out with Annie-Boo,

a house party (This is Nicks brother Dan doing a shot of Hot Sauce... I have no explanation! Please notice all of the beer in the background. CLASSY!)

AND 2 different cookouts. The following weekend included me and Nicks 2 year Anniversary, Game night with friends AND a cookout/slash housewarming party. Next weekend is Ann's Birthday and so on and so forth. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH! So much fun having should be illegal! I'm feeling sluggish to say the least. Not at all like my self.

So what do I have to show for all of this fun-having-marathon-like-lifestyle? Weight gain babies, weight gain. SIGH! I won't even discuss numbers. Let's just say I'm working on "sweating" it back off. It's not some absurdly scary high number or anything. It's plenty to PISS ME OFF THOUGH! BAD ILDIE! BAD!!!!!!!

There has been healthy eating as well. Don't worry, I haven't lost COMPLETE control. :)
(Random Hummus plates)

(Berries galore)

(Healthy vegetarian burritos)

(Greek Yogurt messes)

(And I finally tried overnight oats for the first time, LOVED IT!)

And of course, I'm still hitting the gym, though 2 weeks in a row I've only made it 4x. Things keep coming up. Less fun filled (how sad does that sound) weekends are on the horizon though. This coming up weekend we will celebrate Ann's Birthday and after that there will be a nice and MUCH NEEDED break in events.

Now it's time to focus! FOCUS DAMN IT! FOCUS! ;)

Stay healthy!


Kelly said...

Yay, you're back! I missed you terribly! I also have been a bad bad girl and need to get back on track!

Chef Dennis said...

good to see you back....but its nice to hear you had some fun!!
YOu know they got autofocus on camera's now, if only we could get it installed in our brains.....now, not all the time mind you.....but when we need it or our friends think we need it..a little button and zap we are focused....sigh....

Auntie M said...

I stumbled and found your blog today. You are hilarious and honest. i love it!

Karin said...

I was already about to protest that you don't post often anymore ;) How can you leave us without a daily dose of Ildie??? I've missed you!
Good to hear that you've been livin it though. That's much more exciting than being bored :)

Micah | Coffee Machines said...

Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.


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