Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ghost of Ildie Past....

All of the images below remind me of my early childhood in Hungary. Sometimes I miss the simple times when my biggest decisions for the day were what tree to climb and what direction to go exploring in. All we did was run around and get into dirt. There was this abandoned convertible that was all rusted that we used to climb into and pretend that it was a boat. Oh imagination, I miss thee. I'm not even sure that we knew what a car was at the time. No one in our little town owned one. I would climb cherry trees and eat cherries until I became sick. Me and my little posse would go roaming through cornfields looking for foxes. We never saw any but were convinced they lived there. We would also visit what I still refer to as the "forest of paradise" that just magically grew out in the middle of the HUGE cornfields. The place was blanketed by purple and white flowers and just seemed magical. My mom used to tell us to watch out for the gypsies. Not as an inside joke either. They used to live around town and steal our corn and vegetables. I never had any run-ins with them though. Except that one time I caught one in a ditch with a hand full of corn. HA! We used to walk to the ice cream parlor with empty glass jars and get some of the best ice cream in the world. I still remember the way the ice cream smelled. I have not had ice cream that good since. We would race home with the tasty jars before they melted. I thought for years that babies really did come from a stork because they were found EVERYWHERE in our little town. Making nests on chimney tops and what not. I used to watch joyfully as my Papa butchered the chickens we had for dinner. Somehow at the time it didn't scare me at all. I bet I wouldn't be able handle it now. We used to grow vegetables and while my mom would pick them I would eat them. Nothing tastes better then fresh sugar snap peas covered in dirt. I had a little green bike that I would ride around. I remember being a curious kid. I was never still. I remember me and Ann riding on the back of my moms bicycle to the train station and then taking the train to the next city to go to school. I remember our little uniforms. Stupid white pantyhose and my little skirt and this blue jacket that went over it all. One of my little jackets was shiny and I insisted on wearing that one all the time. I remember finding this little duckling once and crying when my dad said I couldn't keep it as a pet. As odd as it was, finding animals everywhere like that was a normal occurennce. I remember Easter, when all the men and boys in the neighborhood would come around with cologne. It was tradition for them to sprinkle some on all the ladies and girls and then kiss them on the cheek. Oh I was petrified. I didn't want anyone kissing me. I used to run through poppy fields so beautiful that I still think about them to this day. Flowers taller then me all around. I remember putting my boots out every Christmas, waiting for Santa to fill them full of good stuff. My mom got us good one year. No one heard her creeping around and I think we thought that she was at work. I was convinced for YEARS that Santa visited us after that night. I remember getting this TINY little Barbie like doll with long dark hair. I loved that stupid plastic thing to pieces. HA!

I miss being a kid!
(By the way, I found all of these pictures online and all are of Ketegyhaza, which is where I grew up. We never owned a camera. That's for fancy folks)

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