Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Toasted Marshmallow, I SHALL have thee!

The 4th was once again full of excitement, fire, drinks, food and merriment. It started off at a family get together at Nicks' Aunts' house. Overall, not bad. We had a few beers, had some delicious foods and after a few hours packed into my hot little car to make the long drive to Atwater. We arrived at roughly 6:00 after about an hour on the road. WTF. I know it was not this far away last year. Maybe I don't drive as fast as Nick. Who knows. We joined everyone in the backyard. Somehow the atmosphere was a bit different. And by this of course I mean that everyone was still sober. Very odd. Very odd indeed. Apparently they had made a make-shift "bar" in the camper that was parked on their property. Check out this beauty. It smelled worse inside then it looked!

I quickly made myself a drink and wandered back to the deck. The boys (PRE too drunk to do so safely) took a shotgun to the very back of the property to practice target shooting. DON'T WORRY! They have ALL fired guns before and this was a completely safe situation. I along with all the ladies of course did not go. I hate guns!!! Anything designed for the sheer purpose of murder and purchased only out of fear, anger or hate bothers me. Don't give me that "protection" crap either. Buy a damn bat! While sipping on my tall cool glass of Captain and Coke and heard excited murmurs all around me. women shrieking, hugging, crying. What the hell was going on? Now it was all making sense. The party was less rowdy because of an unexpected but joyous pregnancy. And on top of that two other ladies were now "trying" to conceive also. While I found all of this to be wonderful and disgustingly cutesy news, I found myself sipping my drink alone for the time being. NO MATTER. I was driving home so it's better to drink now as opposed to later.

The food smelled so good... I was drooling. Drinking always makes me hungry. Damn burgers. Why must you taste so DELICIOUS!

After falling out of the trance the food preparation had lured me in I realized that they were setting up the fireworks and a MASSIVE bonfire pile already. Oh man, this should be good I thought while making myself another drink. By the time I made it back from the camper the fireworks had begun. They don't even wait for darkness anymore. I love these people! There were even better then last years.

After the fireworks were over they lit the massive bonfire pile. The flames were so high and hot that toasting the marshmallows turned into an adventure.

People crafted sticks and stuck them inside their shoes making their reach as long as humanly possible. But this did not work either. Some others ran up for seconds and then sprinted back, repeating this process until they got it toasty enough. Nick devised a shield of sorts but the flames were so freakin HOT that it just wasn't enough to tame them. I fought for roughly 10 minutes to toast my fluffy wuffy stuff and then with half of it toasted, I gave up and devoured it.

No one caught fire, no one puked and no one fell. All in all, a great day I must add. The drive home however was special. I had to ask which way to get to 224 at least 10 times before leaving because Nick was in no condition to give directions. HA! The area we were in was full of dark and narrow gravel type roads with no streetlights. FUN! But I found it eventually. And after making an EMERGENCY STOP on a side street for my lovely significant others' upset stomach (sure you know what I mean here), we made it home in no time.

The Marshmallow did not beat the man!

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