Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been on a movie watching spree lately and I show no signs of stopping. A few weeks ago I watched Terminator Salvation. I give it a C+. It was just OKAY! The best part of the whole movie for me was Marcus, the character played by Sam Worthington. A Machine that did not realize it was a machine. The best parts of the movie revolved around him coming to terms with what he was and seeking redemption for the things that he had done when he was still alive. A second chance to make a difference. His role was heartfelt and real where as the rest of the movie was all action packed, monotone and repetitive and worst of all, expected. I was let down but not completely disgusted.

I also watched He's Just Not That Into You which of course fell into the easily categorized, man hated chick flick genre. I thought that for the most part, it was honest and amusing. As someone who dated a few years back and dealt with a lot of bullshit excuses and no call backs, it struck a chord. I will give it a solid B for that fact alone. It dealt with the never-ending joys of dating and our brainwashed ideals of why men and women do what they do to each other. It was a nice tango between reality, comedy and painful truth. I thought it was adorable. However, if you have a penis, you will hate this movie. So unless you are trying to impress a certain lady friend, do not watch it.

Another great movie I thought was Broken English. I HIGHLY related to this movie and cried a lot while watching it. I thought it was magnificent and I thought that Parker Posey (love her) was just fantastic in the leading role. A sad, self doubting, 30 something woman. Her life revolves around feeling incomplete, lonely and worried about getting older and having no love in her life or children. Her mother meddles too much and everyone is always asking what is wrong with her and what she is waiting for. Of course, making her feel all the more worthless. Then she has a chance encounter with a man and it changes her life. Not in a comical, swept you off your feet sort of bullshit way that most movies interpret life and love to be. It was real and honest. The meeting lasted just a few days and in those few days he saw her at her worst. He saw her for who she was and he accepted her. But he had to go back to France and their love affair came to a quick end. The rest of the movie revolves around her taking a chance and following her heart all the way to France. And for once she puts herself first and takes a risk. I freaking loved this movie. I highly recommend it. Ladies, have a box of tissues ready. This one gets an A++. Also, do not bother with the preview, it does the movie no justice. Just watch it!

Punch Drunk Love starring Adam Sandler and Emily Wilson. I loved this movie also. A strange look into the life of a depressed and shy man who dislikes his family and the way that they treat him. He has seven sisters who all judge him in every aspect of his life. He is single, lonely and sick of everything in general. He feels confined in his life and scared of change. He has a tendency to bottle things up inside until they become uncontrollable and then he releases the stress with bursts of violent anger. All of this changes when he meets a woman who seems to like him exactly the way that he is. This of course is odd for him because he has always assumed that there was something wrong with him. Their relationship blossoms quickly and he throws himself at the mercy of love completely and finally lets go. It was lovely to watch. Of course the movie has some additional side stories to keep it even more interesting and odd but I will not give too much away. I give this one an A. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Angels and Demons - Okay, I will not dwell on this nightmare for too long. I hated it. The storyline was out of control bad and unrealistic. Which can be good sometimes, but not in this case. I found it to be ridiculous, un-inspiring and BORING! And basically, that is all I have to say. This one gets a D!

I love watching movies!!! I DO!!! There are a few coming out later this year that I am excited about. Which usually means I will be let down but I have hope. I HAVE HOPE! Check em out.

District 9 - Aliens land on Earth because they have to and had no choice. Humans treat them like trash and lock them all up in a slum like area called District 9. The movie seems to focus on how we will not let them leave so that we can gain their weapons intelligence and I believe that the government plays the bad role in this one. Looks interesting and it could possibly be a good one to watch.

The Road - A long anticipated remake of the book, there is a lot of buzz about this post apocalyptic movie. I already love it because I love the whole vibe of anything that focuses on survival after a catastrophic global event. I find it fascinating! As they all tend to, this movie is not only about survival, but it also about the destruction of humanity and the ugliness of greed and lawlessness. I don't think this one will let me down and I can't wait to see it.

2012 - This one will probably suck storyline wise but I think it will be very interesting visually. I don't think I have to explain what this one is about. Who knows, maybe John Cusack will save the movie. (SAY ANYTHING IS THE S**T! YEAH!) Ha!

Where The Wild Things Are - A movie by Spike Jonze? OH MY..... This one can't be bad. When I heard the buzz about this, I was worried that it would be a cartoon or another annoying computer animated nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is live action with costumes and what not. This one should be good and hopefully will give the books justice! Looking forward to it!

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