Monday, June 29, 2009


I have a five-day weekend coming up and I seriously can't wait (7/03-7/07). I plan to visit the park as much as possible and get some walking in. My so-called diet is still going good! :) I might work on the craft room a bit too, though I make no promises. I'm SURE a trip to the winery will be tossed in there somewhere as well. Some would call me and the winery an addiction problem. A violent and shameful love affair. I just simply call it, delicious! We've also been invited to attend a 4th of July party on Saturday. I don't have the full details yet but I know enough to know that I'm looking very forward to it! If it's anything like last year then I'm in for a treat. It's at the same location and the house belongs to the family of one of Nicks’ good friends. It's out in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful and HUGE piece of land. I mean, we could get together at any one of our places but why would we? This place is glorious. Also, where else would we (could we) set off the over $250 dollars worth of illegal fireworks that have already been purchased? Not my place I tell you. NO WAY!

Last year consisted of fireworks so loud that my ears were close to bleeding. But man, they were pretty.

Three handles of Captain were consumed (this is no lie) and two coolers of beer magically disappeared. I had to pat out a small fire that was burning on the back of someones' shirt after a duel with some flair type fireworks.

There was an onslaught of water attacks coming from the drunk in the pool and there was food and music everywhere. Oh I tell you, it was magnificent!

I'll make sure to do an update on the occasion once it's all done and over with. Don't worry Papa, I'll be responsible. HA! ;)

I would also like to wish a heartfelt goodbye to Mr. Mays. Oh Billy. You touched all of our lives so deeply with your sweet husky voice promising clean shirts, carpets and comfortable walking shoes. I MISS YOU ALREADY!

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