Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The day of the Papa....

It was a hot day in our wild town. Temperatures were nearing insanity. The dampness in the air stung the eyes. I loaded up the car and made my way across town. Traffic was heavy but my mood was numb. I arrived just in time and could see the excitement in all their eyes. They were full of both hope and wonder and just a dash of greed. I pushed my way through my adoring fans. They were clamoring to say hello and to tell me how much they have missed me. I couldn’t be bothered right now though. I was on a mission to put the "stuff" in the fridge and to put the "surprise" on the table. I didn't want something bad to happen and for me to have to go crazy up in here. We sat down ritualistically in our assigned seats and began our discussion. Once I realized that it was going nowhere I quickly handed the old boss the surprise. His sweaty and excited little hands tore at the paper. Not like he didn't know it was coming. It was the pretty teaser sitting in the middle of table. Tattooed on his eyeballs. He was consumed with curiosity. Bribery will get you everywhere. After the shock of his brilliant surprise wore off, we moved on to feast. Oh the food was good. But nothing could make it better then the "stuff". I quickly grabbed it from the fridge and placed it on the table. The richness and aromas of its decadence consumed the room. People were crying.

With mouths dripping drool they dove in. Singing songs of praise as they scooped it onto their plates. Their eyes were rabid with hunger. I had them right where I wanted them. And just when you didn't think it could get any better, Mr. Burger made an appearance. Wow!

We continued to celebrate. We dabbled with strategy, swooned with romance, danced with the devil.

It was a day they will never forget. My job here was done. I left that cool house of comfort with a smile on my face. I knew! I just knew that the "stuff" had made me the favorite. Little Miss. Princess had to step down to #2. Yeah....... This was a great day indeed.

Happy Fathers day again Papa. :)

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