Friday, June 5, 2009

Me, a critic?

I'm reading this book. I can't put it down. I even brought it to work with me (I have issues) and I will probably finish it tonight. A friend recommended it. I've never read anything by David Moody but I like the way he writes. I think some authors get lost in descriptive writing where they just ramble on about stupid details and you loose focus on what the hell you were reading and the meaning behind all their jumbled words. Kind of like I do when I just go on and on! Maybe I should write a book? HA! I think this book would be a very interesting movie. Then again there is enough violence on TV as is. Still, I'm captivated by all the fear and panic in this book and to see a group of good actors bring it to life (not some Sci-Fi channel production) would be very interesting. Then again a lot of good books get ruined by bad movies. I'd pay to watch it though. Oh now I'm just lying. I would just download it and watch it at home. I love suspense. Anything that makes me cover my face with a blanket (as long as it's not in disgust at some nasty gore) equals good movie in my opinion. I like scary, but not gore. I prefer gore in action movies or laugh inducing stupid scary movies much more. I'm talking about when there is so much of it that it almost becomes artistic or comical. For example, Machine Girl, Reanimator or Kill Bill. Then I love it!!

Speaking of movies, I am VERY EXCITED about seeing Moon. It's getting a lot of hype and I absolutely love Sam Rockwell. I've seen no trailers for it on TV but have been following it online. They claim that it will be out on limited release sometime at the end of June. Hopefully it will make it to all mainstream theaters because I'm becoming very impatient! Also, Kevin Spacey has a sexy voice!

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