Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Craft room of doom...

This is a pathetic project that started over two months ago now and it has been at a complete stand still for at least six weeks. I blame myself. Sometimes I can be a real lazy bastard. I started drawing again a few months ago. I slowly realized that I didn't have anywhere to do it comfortably in the house and that it was too messy (stupid charcoal dust) to do in the living room. Some of my stuff is below.

So I decided it was time to turn my one last "scary" room in the house into a pretty craft room. A place just for me where I can get inspired and have room to move and do what I want. With much urgency I talked my Papa into coming over with the truck and cleared the room out of all trash. By trash I mean scary old bed, ancient leaning entertainment center, broken TV and a dresser that only had three legs. HA! There stood my future craft room, bare of all trash and ready for me make her special. My boyfriend Nick and I DOVE IN and started scoring the wallpaper like madmen. My arms were numb and my fingers were tingly by the time we were done. I then filled the bucket with wallpaper striper paste and hot water and started drowning the walls in it. Now for my dilemma. I LOATHE wallpaper removal. My entire house was smothered in it which is why I was so hesitant to do anything with this last ugly room up until now. Get this.... TWO layers! I assumed it would be a headache to get it all off but when I realized that there was a shiny, peachy second layer underneath the navy blue and burgundy striped later I almost started crying. We worked for roughly four to six hours and managed to clear "maybe" one wall, sort of. That night we cleaned up, shut the door, and it has been shut since. Stupid wallpaper! I will eventually get back to it. I have to! I have such plans for this room. The pictures below all have ideas in them that I just love. I will have my room, damn it! As soon as I get off my ass and work on it that is!

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