Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.

My dream last night was very strange. I can’t remember it exactly but the parts I can remember are confusing. I’ve heard that dreams are the things that your brain doesn’t have time to think about while you are awake. That they usually involve real aspects of your life, desires, past events, people you know or want to know and that they usually make some sort of sense. Well this one made no sense.

I dreamt that me and this “man” (his face is all fuzzy) came upon one another. He was from the future and he came back to find me to profess his love for me (Is this because I want to see Terminator?). I was with a friend who was very hesitant of the whole situation. However, I felt very deeply drawn to this man and I wanted to help him somehow. So we spent some time together, but the things we did all seem fuzzy (nothing dirty you pervs.).
I just remember feeling this intensity when around him. Like I had to be with him. I remember crying in my dream but I don’t remember why. I remember taking him to this building. My un-approving friend lived there. I felt as though I was going there to say goodbye. As if his time here was limited and he had to go. We were both very sad about it. We got to my friends building and then it got weird. She and I all of a sudden turned into cunning Real Estate Agents. She was there with some rich snobby man that was thinking about getting one of the condos in her building. We gave him a tour and the first place we walked into had an entire exterior wall made completely out of glass block. No windows, just a wall of glass blocks. (Is this because I watch a lot of decorating shows on HGTV?) He climbed up on a ladder that just so happened to be propped in front of it and he began to rub and hug the wall. He said that he was meant to live here in a creepy erotic and disturbing way and then he licked the wall. Then all of a sudden I felt compelled to walk over to the glass block wall. I started to strain to see through it, and then all of a sudden, it became clear. My strange friend from the future was outside, down below, standing on the edge of a river. I knew it meant that he was leaving. I started to run. I ran fast and I could feel my hear beating inside my chest with pain. I reached him and we just held each other. My friend appeared and pried me off of him. With both of us crying he started to walk away and then just disappeared.

Now please tell me. WTF does that mean? HA! Honestly, I don’t dream very often. But when I do they are usually confusing and an eclectic mix of nonsense and hog-podgery. This one just left me feeling empty.

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