Sunday, June 14, 2009

In memory of my healthier youth.

My sister had her Birthday this past weekend and turned (shhh). We did the annual pilgrimage to the lush vineyards of fine Northeast Ohio and began our long journey and adventure in which we celebrate our youth. So in other words, we packed some snacks, some boardgames, our cameras and drove around the corner to our favorite local winery to get "enlightened" by fine wine. We visit several times a year and a Birthday is as good of an excuse as any.

We spend hours there refining ourselves. We take great pride in being well mannered, elegant and sophisticated ladies with style and class.

The above was a complete lie just now. We are far from sophistication. HA!

I was almost malled to death by the way. There was this rabid stupid dog there. At first we thought it was cute so we called and lurred it over. But then it became VIOLENT and kept insisting on sitting next to either one of us on the bench and refused to leave. I'm telling you, I almost had my face ripped off. I mean, look. Just look at this monster! We spent about an hour jumping every time it moved. Then suddenly and as quickly as it came, it started having a fit, kept barking, acting crazy and then ran off into the wilderness.

All in all the day was perfect though. We both had fun and the OLD Birthday hag was left worn out, happy, full of food and intoxicated. All signs of success in my opinion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little princess. (we both know this statement is a complete lie)

I got home somewhat late that night and collapsed on the couch. I felt worn out and lifeless. What has become of me I thought. Where has all the energy that I used to have go? Is this what happens with age? With those stupid thoughts rampant I drug my ass to bed and passed out. I woke up Saturday morning and felt like I was dying. My nose was running, my eyes were swollen and watery and my throat felt like I gargled with razor blade molasses all night. I had a freaking cold! Can you believe it? Little princess gave it to me. Must have been to thank me for a great day. ;) So basically where I'm going with all of this is.... I'm not old... I'm not weak and unable to hang. I'm just sick. HA!

thinking about how crappy I felt in the morning and how hard it was to get up also inspired a poem. I will call it, morn.


Early morning, barely dawn
Crooked thoughts abound
Limbs unfolding as I spawn
My arms feel oddly bound
Twisted form mutating
Flesh stretching in vain
Swaying while baiting
I begin to strain in vain
The floor is scared frigid
I stumble towards the light
Contorted shape so rigid
As I bend out of the night
Creeping slowly outward
Hunched and sloping along
Can't focus, vision blurred
Legs so heavy and long
Early morning, barely astir
In semi darkness I sway
As I crawl out of this blur
I'm greeted by the day

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