Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walk the talk....

I decided to start walking again and working out. My ass has been in a constant state of perpetual lethargy for more months now than I care to (refuse to) admit. Though I think if you take a gander at the size of my ass, it it will MORE than speak for itself. :-O

What brought this on? Not any one specific thing really. More like a combination of dullness with repetition, the current size of said "ass" and constantly feeling worn out and tired. Also, the ever evolving nice temperatures that we have been experiencing as of late beckon me. I just want to be outside. There are several parks close to my house that Nick and I plan to visit in the next few days to see what they are all about and to check out the paths. Though he's interested in jogging, not walking or hiking. I got two words for him. F that! I loathe running!! Always have and always will. I may walk fast but that's about it. My body doesn't handle it well because of the accident I had when I was kid and my right leg just cramps up after a few minutes. Also, running WITH anyone for me is a joke. You see I'm short (5'2") and while someone who is taller (lets say 5'9") is running at a comfy speed, I'm at full on animal cheetah speed just to keep up. Hell, I have to damn near jog just to keep up when we are walking. Stupid. I don't mind going with other people to a park or trails but basically it's a "see you around" sort of a deal. We both do our own thing and see each other in passing. It's a compromise I'm happy with.

Moving on.....

I was doing a bit of drawing again last night. Of course I was doing it in a small corner of the living room because the craft room is still INCOMPLETE! AGH! I will have to work on it soon. I don't want to at all so I will have to force it. BAH! My most recent drawing is below.

And that's all I have for today. I bid you goodnight.

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