Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lookin fine like wine!

Hi everyone. I decided to JAZZ up my blog a bit. I was looking for something with three columns and came across this lovely design? You like? I love it! While doing that, and because I can't figure out how to get a layout with tabs on it, I decided to also start a RECIPE blog ***CLICK HERE*** that I can add healthy recipes to AND link to from this site as needed. There is also a link in right column (go ahead and look, I can wait....) on this blog that will take you directly to the Recipe Blog as well. EXCITING RIGHT? I KNOW, BUT PLEASE TRY AND CONTAIN YOURSELF! Tomfoolery will not be allowed!

The weather today was HORRENDOUS! IT WAS FREEZING, WET and WINDY. I think my toes are still recovering from Mr. Winters cruel torture! Brrrr!

When I got to work I immediately warmed up with a cup of coffee. SO GOOD! I also tried another 18Rabbits bar. I had the Nibbles A Sultana variety and once again I was very impressed. It was FULL of nuts and fruit and bursting with flavor. And it was chewy, which I loved. VERY GOOD! It gets a 10 out 10. I highly recommend this brand.

Lunch today was simple and brilliant. This may well be my new favorite at work lunch. I had another salad with the following.
  • Sweet butter lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Morning Star Farms black bean burger
  • English Muffin, toasted
  • Spray butter (dressing)
I crumbled both the burger and the english muffin (hot, fresh croutons baby) on top of the salad and drizzled a bit of spray butter over top. I was moaning between bites. I love it when something as simple as this tastes so delicious!

On our break today Ann and I decided to FINALLY spend it together. We wanted to do something relaxing so we decided to go to Barnes & Nobles for some tea. I tried the cinnamon spice tea for the first time. It was tasty. Good and cinnamony. I also grabbed a handful of magazines while we were they and we just hung out for a while, reading and sipping. It was lovely.

Eventually we had to deal with reality, braved the torturous cold weather and went back to work. We were both pretty busy today. Not surprising with it nearing the end of the year.

I tried to cheer myself up with my afternoon snack though. HA!

I had a very sad looking, ripe banana and a MultiBran VitaTop from VitaLicious.

I was actually surprised with this VitaTop. I was expecting it to taste plain but it was anything but. It was full of raising and a had a great cinnamon flavor. Very good. It gets an 8 out of 10.

After work we hustled to the gym. I had another great cardio session today. Clearly I'm veering off of the usual weekly cycle of workouts again because of the tattoo and my arm being sore. I do plan to be back to strength training mixed with cardio by next week though. I've actually been enjoying just the cardio this week. CRAZY RIGHT? I usually HATE cardio.

30 minutes, 347 calories, weight loss session, levels 2-3
15 minutes, 100 calories, random setting, level 5
Stair Glider (AKA, machine of death)
5 minutes (ugh..)

When I got home I was glad to see that Nick was doing better. He made it into work today as well which was good news! He said he finally felt like he was coming out of it. YAY!

All I wanted for dinner was something WARM, quick and easy to make. Tomato soup and grilled cheese just sounded like a winner. It was ready in minutes and warmed me right up. Me and tomato soup go WAY back. I love it. Like an old comforting friend who always has your back. :)

I leave you this evening with a quote.

It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. (Julia Child)

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