Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Ho Ho Ho and all that jazz. Isn't this time of year just magical? Today has been such a great day. I don't want to skip over a single second so let's start at the beginning shall we?

As you all know, I was up SUPER late last night and didn't get to bed until 2:00 am. Never the less, I was up by 8:00. Six hours of sleep is not enough but my body was ready to start the day. I quickly made myself a quick cup of coffee and did some last minute present wrapping. Yeah, that's right, I STILL wasn't finished. BAH! I can only blame myself for that. I tend to procrastinate forever with certain things!

By the time I was done with wrapping it was time to get ready and it was way too late for breakfast. I quickly grabbed a very Christmasy banana.

I was due at my Mama's by 12:30. I quickly changed, prettied myself up, loaded up the car with the presents, wine, the snacks I was taking and was out the door by noon. Nick had to go to SEVERAL family events today as well so I was going alone, WHICH SUCKED! He has a huge list of family to visit though and I spend HOURS with my small family so we both understood. When I arrived at the folks house I was blown away (as typical) by the amount of goodies under tree. THEY ARE CRAZY!

My mama cooked lunch for us to enjoy and the house smelled so delicious. We were having roasted butternut squash, brussel sprouts, carrots, mashed potatoes and whole chicken. YUM! It all looked and tasted delicious. The chicken was super tender. DROOL!

I also enjoyed some delicious wine with dinner. I love wine so much!

After lunch we played a couple of rounds of Sorry. Mama KICKED our butts and won both games. IT'S A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU! A CONSPIRACY!

Then it was time for some fine finger foods and present opening. I love watching them open presents every year. They get so wild and into it. ;)

Papa loved his new sweater. HA!

I think Ann loved her Magic Bullet even more though!

While they tore into their gifts we snacked on this and that. I WAS BEING BAD EVERYBODY! I had some control but not a whole lot. FOR SHAME ILDIE! FOR SHAME!

I had cheese and crackers with MORE wine...

Cream cheese, smoke salmon and dill on Melba toast...

Baked cinnamon chick peas with dried fruit, coconut and pretzels...

Red velvet cake balls... (I had two!! TWO!!!) THEY WERE SO GOOD ANN!!!

And of course, my Mamas' infamous open face sandwiches... I love these things!

Ann made some amazing looking cookies too but I resisted. YEAH! (like that even matters at this point)

I got hooked the heck up for Christmas. My mama and Papa got me a 10 cup food processor....

And a huge Rachell Ray pot....

And this fake fur blanket which was SO soft. SOOO SOFT!

And a bunch of other goodies that shall remain un-pictured. Like I said before, my parents go CRAZY at Christmas time. Yeah, I sort of love it. ;)


By the time I got home I was exhausted, stuffed and felt like a slug. I'm currently collapsed on the couch, chugging watter and watching The Christmas Story marathon with Nick.

I love Christmas so much! AND IT'S NOT EVEN OVER YET! YAY! HA!

Goodnight!!! ;)

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