Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time travel...

Hi everyone. I'm HERE! Don't worry. I got home so late last night that I forgot to wrap up my post and upload it. Here is yesterday, for your reading pleasure today. WHOAH! TIME TRAVEL!

Hey..... HEY.... PSSSST! Guess what? Today was my last day of work for the rest of this year. I don't have to go back until the 4th? Are you jealous? HA-HA! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I seriously thought this day would never get here. Are you guys all done with your Christmas shopping? I sure hope so because I can't imagine what shopping tonight would be like. I try to avoid the last minute madness at all costs every year. If you MUST venture out this year be careful! Don't get lost in the sea of insanity!

I could not get the smile off of my face at work today. GLORIOUS DAY, I LOVE YOU! I celebrated with a bowl of hot goodness.
  • 1/2 cup Irish oats
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • dash salt
  • dash cinnamon
  • 2 tbs sweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 banana, sliced

After breakfast I received two lovely presents. One from my coworker Lummy. This little sachet smelled so good. My whole office smelled sweet for the rest of the day. THANKS LUMMY!

I also received the annual tower of Godiva chocolates from one of the surveyors I work with on a regular basis.

As lovely as the gift is, I must re-gift it immediately! I can't have these things anywhere near me during my break! THEY ARE SO GOOD! I ate like half of this tower last year. NO JOKE! HA!

Now who to give it to? Hmmm? Do I know any crazy, adorable men who LOVE chocolate? Perhaps a cute little fellow who has a habitual handful of treats every evening? Who to give it to... who to give it to... HA! PLEASE! I know exactly who to give it to and he is probably reading about this present right now! Aren't you? Well if you are reading this, MERRY EARLY SURPRISE! You can expect to dig into this tomorrow. ;)

Moving on to lunch. I had yet another salad. ON MY GREEN PLATE this time no less. I finally remembered to bring it back in to work! It was a mix of sweet butter lettuce, black pepper, spray butter, leftover veggies from last night with an english muffin on the side. Tasty and healthy! SCORE!

I got all of my grocery shopping done on my "lunch" break again today. However, this time around it was not a matter of choice. It was a MUST DO AT LUNCH situation. I have way too much going on after work tonight. I'm going to the gym right after work to get one more good sweat session in before the FEASTING tomorrow. Then I need to RUSH home, clean up, pretty up, have something quick for dinner and go to a Christmas Party at the tattoo shop by 9:00 tonight. It's a 45 minute drive south so I will have to hustle. I found out about the party moving to TONIGHT at 10:00 pm LAST night. BAH!

By the way, a party tonight is NOT going help my chances with Mr. Scale tomorrow morning that's for sure. I plan to weigh in a day early again. I will probably snack and eat more at my Mama's tomorrow than usual so stepping on the scale Friday morning just sounded like a ludicrous idea. But now I have this party tonight too. AGHHH. I picked up some apricot beer (my fave) to sip on tonight but I plan to eat at home before we leave to help me resist snack temptation! AGHHH!

Sometimes I think I worry too much. Do I? Then again it was my never worrying at all mentality that caused the size of my ass to undergo a massive explosion in the first place. Better to worry and over analyze I dare say. My slowly but surely shrinking ass will thank me later.

They let us leave the office at 4:00 instead of 5:00. OMG YAY! I NEEDED THIS EXTRA TIME SO BAD! We quickly hustled to the gym and had a good cardio session. We had planned to just do cardio today so we could be in and out!

Interval Training (levels 5 & 8), 35 minutes, 417 Calories
Levels 5-6, Random setting, 15 minutes, 104 calories, 5.4 miles

Whew! That felt great. I rushed home, took a bath, got dolled up and quickly whipped a super fast dinner. I just had a rye sandwich with turkey and lettuce, pickles and the very last of my crumbled Pop chips. What can I say, I was pressed for time. It was yummy though.

Well, we have to run now and make the long drive to Massillon. Have a great night everyone!

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