Monday, March 15, 2010

Dog Food

Random fact..... My lower lip is currently trembling uncontrollably and I can't get it to stop..... ???

Moving on.....

Today has been like a walking dream (or was it a nightmare?). I could NOT get to sleep last night because of daylight savings time. Why can't the time just stay put? Why must we meddle with it? Let things be babies! Let things be!! My lack of sleep naturally translated into irritable, whinny, bitchy, insane ME in the morning. I know Ann was appreciative of my chipper "sense of humor" this morning. Weren't you Ann? HA!

BREAKFAST (meal #1) at 9:30am.

The usual gooey bowl of oats. Am I boring you guys with these yet? Because if I am, I refuse to apologize. Oatmeal is good for you, healthy and I love it so DEAL with it. ;)
  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/4 wheat bran
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • dash pumpkin pie spice
  • pinch salt
Microwaved to perfection at work and topped with...
  • 1 tbs flax
  • 2 tbs sugar free apricot preserves (Smucker's)
  • 1 tbs Better N' Peanut Butter

Guess what I did while feasting on this mess? I played on Facebook. Oh super! Just one more online thing I am officially addicted to. I had an account about 2 years ago which I cancelled and people kept asking me to come back so I caved. This may have been a dangerous decision!

By the way, I also worked. Seeings how I was AT work! Please don't take me for a lazy bum. I'm an excellent multitasking genius! Also, work was a bit slower than the norm today. ;)

LUNCH (meal #2) at 12:30pm.

I packed one of the leftover homemade black bean burgers from the other day and made a delicious salad out of it.
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Butter Lettuce
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Corn
  • Black Bean Burger, crumbled
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Spray Butter (I know this grosses some of you out but I LOVE IT!)

Ann and I escaped the office for a bit this afternoon. The florescent lights were starting to melt my brain! I ran her to the post office. Baby sis-sis is FINALLY moving out of her teeny tiny one bedroom apartment and into a two bedroom upgrade. SO happy for her! Long overdue!! She needed a change of address form though. EXCITING way to spend our break right? I know, but please do try and calm down!!

SNACK (meal #3) at 4:00.

I devoured this tasty plain Dannon Greek yogurt like it was my job. I topped it with a bit of pomegranate granola per the usual and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

After work Ann and I hit the gym. For those of you who don't know, I've once again revamped the workout schedule a bit (you can read about that here) and today was day one of the new schedule. I'm dedicating two days to biceps, triceps and shoulders instead of one. Yeah, I want ripped arms and shoulders. DEAL WITH IT! ;)


Inch challenge
We tried to do a pullup, I FAILED as usual
Bicep Curls (barbell)
40lb x 15
40lb x 12
35lb x 15 (2 sets)
Tricep Pushdown (cable)
80lb x 15
70lb x 15 (2 sets)
Standing Military Press (barbell)
35lb x 15 (2 sets)
30lb x 15
Skull Crushers (barbell)
25lb x 15 (3 sets)
21's (barbell)
20lb curls (3 sets)
Upright Row (barbell)
35lb x 15 (3 sets)
Front Raise (barbell)
20lb x 15 (3 sets)
Elliptical Cross Trainer
30 minutes, 2.64 miles, 2 minute intervals of levels 8-10

Total time spent at gym = 1:18
Total calories burned = 667
Max Heart Rate = 169
Average Heart Rate - 143

SNACK (meal #4) at 7:20pm.

I recovered with a sweet and delicious frozen dream as soon as I got home. My wimpy little arms were quivering for nourishment. HA!
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
  • 1 scoop chocolate peanut butter whey protein powder
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 tbs maca powder
  • 2 cups ice
Blend like a MAD MANIAC until you get a nice big glass of this!

Which makes you do this!

DINNER (meal #5) at 9:00pm.

Please help me welcome back an oldie but goody. I'm sure you've missed him, as have we, so let's make him feel welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you TACO SALAD! Awe snap!

We haven't made the traditional Friday night taco salad in forever. I think we were having it so often that it just became less "special". THE HORROR! So tonight I decided to bring my old love back, for a special Monday night love affair! I've missed you Taco. I've missed your fiery and spicy ways!

You can find the recipe on my recipes blog ***HERE***. It never really changes, though sometimes I use different beans. Of course I make Nick's with ground beef in place of my "dog food". Nick always refers to Morning Star Farms grounds as dog food. PSSSH! It's delicious! Topped with sour cream avocado and red pepper flakes. So SO good!

My lip is still trembling! Maybe it's a side effect of all the time I spend in front of a mesmerizing, mind sucking, glowing and amazing computer screen!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm off!



Trail (Oven Aversion) said...

Mmm, looks like a delicious day! Yummy salads and the pint 'o "milk"shake cracked me up! I have everything but the maca, so I may have to try that recipe. Sounds yummy.

lishapisa said...

How fast did u down the shake! Haha love your blog !
Wow your black bean burger got me!! Thank you! straight to my list :)

Karin said...

I really need to try your taco salad, it looks so good!
That shake is ENORMOUS! Looking goooooo though. ;)
It's weird that we won't change the time until in a few weeks. Why is that different in every country?? So confusing! ;)

sweetlife said...

wow that's a huge shake girl...great taco em!!

Lele said...

That is so mean that he calls it dog food! Men seem to be scared of fake meat. I don't get it.

Janetha said...

i, for one, love spray butter!


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