Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to reality

As Sunday evening comes to an end I find myself reminiscing over this lovely Holiday Season. I gaze upon the empty wall where my Christmas tree stood just a few days ago and already I feel a deep void. I'm now left with only a cold, brutal and gloomy winter season. No more Christmas. No more New Years. No more Vacation. It's officially over. Work and my normal schedule starts again tomorrow and there's nothing I can do about it. Except cry, whine, kick, groan and moan. WHAAAAA! WHAAAAA! WHAAAAA!

Alright, I feel a bit better. This is the part of winter that I hate the most. It's the coldest, darkest, snowiest and most miserable stretch of three months EVER!

Moving on. Enough complaining! Breakfast today was a bit different. I wasn't craving oatmeal or eggs so I decided to have yogurt.

I made a yogurt mess with Weight Watchers Boston cream pie yogurt, banana and a small handful of pomegranate granola. I also had a toasted English muffin with fat free peach jam on one side and Trader Joe's pumpkin butter on the other. It was all delicious!

After breakfast I worked on some laundry and hung out with the Mr. before getting ready to visit Mama and Papa for lunch. I decided to take a delicious salad from home to have for lunch. The original plan was to cook up some Shrimp which I had taken out of the freezer to thaw in the morning. However, once they thawed out something about them just seemed "off" and "not fresh" so SADLY I had to toss them out. Instead I grabbed a Morning Star Farms black bean burger which I crumpled on top of the following...
  • Baby Spinach
  • Sweet Butter Lettuce
  • Black Beans
  • Fat Free Mozarella Cheese
  • English Muffin (toasted and crumbled for "croutons")
  • Spray Butter
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Black pepper

I love this combo. Lunch was VERY good. After my salad we played some Yahtzee, chatted and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. I also brought over the leftover brownies that I made on Friday for everyone to enjoy. I thought it best to get them out of the house so they weren't there to tempt me. That and Nick isn't into sweets and they would've just gone to waist. I can't even lie, I had one. It went unphotographed though. What can I say, IT HAPPENED SO FAST! Maybe going back to work next week isn't such a bad thing. I need to get back into the swing of my regular schedule of meals and workouts and stop with the excuses and the mini splurges. Now don't get me wrong, I have NOT been feasting on cake, frosting, fried chicken or drippy cheesy fries. However, I have not been eating as clean as I usually do, drinking enough water or working out 5x a week. BAH! I think I only worked out 3x in the last 9 and the last time I made it to the gym was on Tuesday! I FEEL LIKE A SLUG!

Also, I CLEARLY did NOT update you on my weigh in this Friday. Why not? Because I decided to skip the weigh in this week. I figured that I only do this once a year and I deserve to have a good time, splurge and relax a bit and not stress myself out about it. I will weigh myself next Friday and if I lose 1.9 pounds I will still count it towards my mini end of year goal of 35 pounds lost. I know it will be the 8th when I weigh myself which is obviously not the end of the year but that's okay. Let's just say I'm "IMPROVISING"! ;)

Dinner was simple tonight. My Mama sent breaded chicken and butter rice for Nick to have for dinner and I was craving sweet potato fries. I put a batch of fries in the oven and tossed in a Chicken Sausage as well. CATASTROPHE hit when I plated up my food. I REALIZED I WAS OUT OF KETCHUP. OMG! I WAS SO SAD! Instead I dipped the fries in fat free maple syrup and I dipped the sausage into Sriracha sauce. It turned out okay. Disaster averted!

For a DELICIOUS snack later I enjoyed a scrumptious 18Rabbits granola bar. I received a sample of their new flavor (Belle Bananas Foster) to try.

HOLY YUM! This bar made me want to swoon and sing with delight. It was absolutely delicious! I've said it before and I will say it again, this brand is super tasty and I have yet to be disappointed. Find it, buy it and eat it immediately! I give this bar a 10 out of 10. As with all the other bars I've had the pleasure of trying, it was rich, moist, chewy, bursting with flavor with a great texture. Excellent!! Thanks for the sample 18Rabbits!

I think Nick and I will play some games before heading to bed. Speaking of bed, I better make sure to get to sleep early tonight. The alarm is set for tomorrow whether I'm ready or not. It's time to get back to reality, bright and early.

Have a great night!

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