Friday, January 8, 2010

Shoveling fool.

Well hello there. HAPPY FRIDAY! YEAH!

First things first! Time for an update on my weight loss and the rest of my 2010 goals.

Weight loss = NADA! Well, I lost .1. So yeah, that is nothing. I'm guessing I gained the week of Christmas and worked it off last week. No worries. I'm not upset. Next week will be better. Still down 33lb total. Which is FANTASTIC!

Water = GREAT. I've been drinking at least 75 ounces a day which was my goal.

New Recipes = GREAT. I tried a few new things this week and I will keep this going.

Incorporate more Cardio and Abs = SO-SO. I did up the cardio but only worked my abs once this week. I'm still working on this one.

Well, those were the "important" goals so I will leave it at that. The other "smaller" ones are right on track as well.

I'm sure you recall my discussion yesterday about the new tires I purchased for my car. Well I won't keep you waiting any longer because I KNOW you're all DYING to know if I went with option "A" or "B". (drum roll please.........). I went with option "B" (DUH) and took the day off from work. I was car-less, caught up at work and had plenty of vacation days left to play around with. It just made more sense. Three day weekend, I love thee like I love no other. ;)

I was up bright and early so I could get the most out of my day. I curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and caught up on some blogs. It's my favorite way to spend early mornings. After a bit I decided to work out at home and get it done and out of the way with early in the day. I got on the bike and also grabbed my dumbbells and a magazine.

Here is my workout. Which by the way I did on an empty stomach. Stupid I know! I wasn't hungry yet though! ???

Bike - 40 minutes - 9 miles total
3 miles on level 6
3 miles on level 7
3 miles on level 8
Dumbbell Curls
5lb x 20
8lb x 15
13lb x 8 (I combined the 5lb and 8lb. I made due with what I had)
Hammer Curls
5lb x 20
8lb x 15
13lb x 7
Overhead Tricep Extensions
8lb x 20
13lb x 15
16lb x 10 (combined 8lb dumbbells)
Arnold Press
5lb x 20
8lb x 20
8lb x 12
Dumbbell Chest Press
8lb x 20
13lb x 15
13lb x 15
Dumbbell Fly
5lb x 20
8lb x 15
8lb x 15
Standing Row w/ 90 degree rotation (on Perfect Pullup Bar)
x15 (3 sets)
Reclined pullup (on Perfect Pullup bar)
x10 (arms getting tired, did 1 set)
Preacher Tricep Extension (on Perfect Pullup Bar)
x10 (Okay, done, my arms are shaking....)

What a great workout. I need more dumbbells though! I should invest in them sometime soon. I would love to have more variety at home that's for sure!

If you're wondering what the Perfect Pullup Bar is, click ***HERE***. I love this thing. You can do an ABSURD amount of different moves on it! By the time I got up there though my arms were too fatigued! Perhaps next time I will START with this and then move on to Dumbbells.

You can do pullups/chinups on it (I can NOT do those...yet...).

And the bar also pulls down which lets you do an insane amount of moves....

AND it comes with handles as well. AWESOME!

By the time I was done with my sweat session I was starving!! I whipped up a quick bowl of oats. I was absurdly good!

Strawberry Banana Custard Oats.
  • 1/2 cup Irish oats
  • 1/2 cup vanilla Almond Breeze
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 2 eggs, whisked to heck
  • dash salt
  • lots of cinnamon
  • Splenda to taste
  • 1 tbs fat free strawberry preserves

This bowl made me swoon. I was in LOVE!

After breakfast settled a bit I decided to get more exercise. The amount of snow in the driveway was INSANE! I got geared up for a sweet, sweet shovel session.

The snow was so deep. BAH!

We were going to pick up my car later and I honestly wasn't sure if I could get it up the drive. LOOK AT IT! BAH!

Here is the after photo. An HOUR after might I add!

After the shoveling session it was time for lunch. I used up the last of the TunaCado mix from the other day and had it in a LaTortilla wrap with spinach and spicy mustard. On the side I had a small handful of spelt pretzels and string cheese.

I was so COLD after shoveling. I had a cup of coffee to try and warm up but it didn't help! I decided a bath would do the trick. And do the trick it did! I soaked for a solid 30 minutes and it warmed me right up. Ahhhhhhh!

It was at about this time that I got the call letting me know that my car was ready. YAY! Nick and I went to pick her up. She looked so lonely sitting there in the snow covered parking lot. My sweet green lady. I missed her! I have such a love-hate relationship with my car. It was nice to have her back and she felt AMAZING to drive. It didn't pull to the right and the new tires felt spectacular!! My steering wheel was straight. STRAIGHT! YEAH!

For dinner I decided to make pork loin. I placed the loin in a nice bath of spicy coarse mustard, dijon mustard, Thai chili paste and teriyaki marinade earlier in the day insuring that it would come out nice and tender. And tender it was! I also roasted some cauliflowers and brussel sprouts, seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper and thyme. Dinner was delicious!

I think Nick and I are going to play another game of some sort. We can't seem to get enough of them lately. Enjoy your Friday night!! ;)

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AH! gimme that beanie! and that snow! and those roasted veggies! and those oats!


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