Friday, January 15, 2010

Calendar Coma

It's Friday haaaay! So exciting! I love Fridays! Well it's time to fess up and confess my sins for the week. Good thing I've been a good girl aye?

Here is the official weekly update of my 2010 goals for your reading pleasure. I'm only going to touch base on the IMPORTANT ones.

Weight loss - I only lost 1 pound this week. But I'll take it. I was initially angry but now that I've had time to reflect on it, any weight LOST is a step in the right direction. This brings my total weight loss to 34.1 pounds.

Water consumption - This is still going good. I average between 75oz - 100oz a day.

New Recipes - I tried one last night and it turned out great. I also dabbled with hummus earlier in the week. So yeah, this goal is going great. I plan to make some new delicious eats this weekend as well. YEAH!

More cardio and ab workouts - Going good. I try to do a bit of cardio with EACH workout and abs at least 2x a week. Not bad.. Not bad at all.

And there you have it. I think I'm doing pretty good! Wave your stupid stick of laziness and fatty food temptations in front of me all you want. I WILL NOT CAVE! NEVAH!

Now let's talk about some food! Breakfast was... Well you already know what it was don't you? :)
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 tbs PB2
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash pumpkin pie spice
  • dash salt
  • Splenda to taste

This stuff just makes me smile! So good!

You know what else made me smile? My Lunch! HA! (I was bored)

It was leftovers from last nights dinner, sans the PB2 I stirred in at the end, rice noodles or chicken. It was just the cabbage and broccoli mixture which I sauteed in soy sauce, Thai chili paste and oyster sauce. On the side I had an "eye popping" hard boiled egg for some protein and a light FlatOut wrap sliced into wedges.

They made for the perfect scooper.

This stuff had me FULL FOR HOURS! So full in fact that I never had my scheduled afternoon snack. Which was to be a yogurt mess. There was no way I could eat it though. I was STUFFED!

For the first time in AGES I was able to drive straight home after work. Since I'm changing my regular grocery shopping day from Friday afternoons to Sunday mornings my afternoon was free. FREEDOM IS FANTASTIC! Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of my own set schedule. The same routine, week after week and it HARDLY ever changes! In a way I like the simplicity of knowing what's next but sometimes I just feel TRAPPED! Do you ever feel like that? Like you're in a calendar coma and you can't see past it? Wake up, work, workout, clean up, cook dinner, blog, sleep, repeat. That's my day 5 times a week. HA!

As soon as I got home I grabbed my new obsession (espresso maker) and brewed a nice cup of caramel flavored coffee. I am in LOVE with this amazing little $7 dollar find!

It makes the best coffee I swear!

Maybe I should get a French press next? You know, to cover all my coffee obsessed bases and compare the flavors. HA! As I said before, I have a coffee problem. It's my all time favorite drink. Followed by fine wine, of course!

I tossed in a load of laundry and then vegged out on the couch for a while while sipping my yummy beverage of choice. It was SO nice to relax.

When dinner time rolled around Nick and I started prep on the usual Friday SENSATION! Taco Salad. You can find the recipe I follow for my "no meat" version ***HERE***. I used cannellini beans in place of black beans this time though.

I enjoyed a few delicious Food Should Taste Good (The Works) chips with dinner as well. I stacked them all pretty like around the bowl. YUM!

After dinner I was gawking into my fridge to get an idea of what we needed from the store. Sadly I realized that I was almost out of Oikos again. OH THE TRAGEDY! I hope I find some at Trader Joe's tomorrow. Do they even carry it? I'm SO EXCITED to go. The plan for tomorrow is to get to the gym SUPER early, clean up at Ann's place, grab a late breakfast while there and hit the road by 11:30 at the latest. I bet I spend a small fortune when we get there! Scared... Maybe I should set myself a limit? NAH! ;)

Have a great night!

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