Friday, January 22, 2010

The Scale Wars

The scale tango did not go as expected this morning. Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just feel like you did GREAT and expect to lose at least 2 pounds? I was having one of those weeks. However, the joy was violently slapped off my smiling face as soon as I stepped on Mr. Scale of DOOM! I gained a pound!! WTF?! I mean, seriously! I don't know if I should laugh, scream, cry, pout, punch the wall or dance in delirium. I've done everything right yet I can't help but question it all. I officially weigh the same today that I did on December 24th.

So here is the official Friday update.

Weight loss - FAIL!! I gained 1 pound. :-0
Water - Going well. Consuming 75-100 ounces a day.
New Recipes - Going well. Cabbage soup was a hit last week!
More Cardio and Ab workouts - Going great again. Tackling both as much as possible.

To try and calm down my frazzled little self, I brought some candles to work today. I lit one as soon as I sat down at my desk. Ahhhhh. Melt my worries away scented candle. Carry me away with your sweet, sweet scent into Scales Don't Exist Here Land.

I also busted out my trusty breakfast of Stressed Out Champions this morning. PB2 Banana Oats.
  • 1/2 cup Irish oats
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash pumpkin pie spice
  • dash salt
  • PB2

While devouring this deliciousness, I reflected over the last month. I thought hard about the things I was eating and the exercises I was doing. Though there is NOTHING wrong with any of it, perhaps it's time to switch things up a bit? Here is a list of things I plan to do in the next few weeks to see if they help me get over my plateau.
  • Drink no more than 1 cup of coffee a day. (Except Sunday when I visit the folks. This one is going to suck, a LOT!!)
  • Drink green tea at least 2x a day.
  • Up water consumption to 100-125 ounces a day.
  • Smaller portions for dinner. (Tends to be my biggest meal of the day. Stupid!)
  • No carbs for dinner on and off during the week.
  • Drink protein shakes after workout. (Currently a rare occurrence.)
  • And finally, revamp the workout schedule. See new schedule and plan in all it's magnificent glory below.
Sunday - Off (no carbs for dinner)
Monday - Back, Chest, 30 minutes Cardio (full protein shake)
Tuesday - 1 hour Cardio, Abs (no carbs for dinner)-(1/2 protein shake)
Wednesday - Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, 30 minutes Cardio (full protein shake)
Thursday - 1 hour Cardio, Abs (no carbs for dinner)-(1/2 protein shake)
Friday - Off
Saturday - Legs, Glutes, 30 minutes Cardio (full protein shake)

I will keep lifting heavier on the strength training days, which is something I started 2 weeks ago. I start as heavy as I can handle and drop the weight as needed (if needed) after each set. Hopefully this new schedule and strategy will show results in a few weeks both in the mirror and on the scale. Wouldn't that be just lovely? :)

While gawking over my new PLAN OF ACTION, I made myself a cup of green tea. See! I'm already doing things I said I would do above! HA!

Okay, I feel better. Once I have a goal set and something to push for, I feel motivated and ready to tackle the challenge! Thanks for letting me vent and all that jazz.

Moving right on into lunch. I had a wheat and flax pita stuffed with sweet butter lettuce, turkey breast and Trader Joe's spicy hummus. On the side I had baby carrots and a bit more hummus. It was everything that it could be and more. SO GOOD!

For our break today we decided to put our brave masks on and ventured to CRAZY people paradise. Or as the locals call it, Marc's. I absolutely hate the place but you can't beat their prices. We finally picked up some xanthan gum. That's right, now were HIP and rolling with the IN crowd. HOLLA! Of course, I also picked up some other stuff as well. I have a grocery store shopping addiction!

While we were leaving we saw a woman chasing a man out of the store, who I think, stole her purse or wallet. YEP, I now hate the store even more than before. I felt SO AWFUL for her. The male bystanders didn't chase the man any further than right outside the main door. They just stood around like idiots watching the poor woman as she ran across the entire parking lot trying to catch the bastard. Then again, he could have had a gun. Would I have chased him? Not sure. Is a wallet worth a life? Of course, he got away. The whole situation just made me feel so sad. That could have easily been Ann or myself. We had JUST left the store and gotten in our car. Some people are just so ugly on the inside!!! UGH!

Okay, moving on... When we got back I made another cup of green tea and worked my fingers to the bone while replying to tons of emails. It made the afternoon fly by though, which was nice. For a bit of a snack later I had a 4oz plain Oikos cup sprinkled with the Natures Path, Crunchy Maple Sunrise cereal that I received yesterday. WOW! This cereal is amazing! As soon as I opened the box the smell of sweet maple slapped me in the face. SO GOOD! It gets a 15 out of 10. I love simply flavored, non fussy cereals. This one was mild yet delicately maple-esque with an awesome crunch.

After work I flew home, dove into a hot bath and washed the days worries and stress right out of my hair. I instantly felt better.

Dinner was the usual Friday fare. Taco Salad. You can find the recipe for my meatless Taco Salad **HERE**. I downsized the portion though and guess what, it was perfectly filling. GLORIOUS!

This downsizing business may not be as hard as originally feared. Sometimes I think I just eat whatever is in front of me, even if it's more than I need in my body. Healthy food or not, overeating is NOT good for you OR a weight loss plan!

Farewell wishes and healthy dreams my lovelies. Be back soon!


bonnie said...

wow, your workout plan is amazing, love the oatmeal!! I hat the scale- she is cruel to me also, one day I will either love her or toss her!!

Janetha said...

best of luck on your plan! hope you find what works for you. unfortunately, for me, the only way to not gain is to just pick one carb with each meal~ thus ive NEVER had banana in my oats. sigh, cry. looks so good! your plan sounds good, i think the upping h2o will be good for you and the switchup on the carbs for dinner. mmm LOVE that TJs spicy hummus~ i have it whenever i visit cali. happy weekend!

Anna said...

The scale of DOOM over here was pretty dramatic this weekend too. But I have been bad, very baaaaaaaaad. So I can't complain....The good thing is tomorrow is another day, hopefully I can fix it. :-D

Karin said...

Scales are evil. I bet they come from a very awful place and want to take over the world by ruining everyone's lives. ;).
Good luck with your plan! I'm sure things will work out when you'll stick with it.
Yay for green tea!


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