Friday, August 28, 2009

Drop it like it's hot.

I dropped another 2.9 lbs. YEAH! I must be doing something right. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm currently enjoying a cup of peach tea while looking over a pile of health and fitness magazines my sister gave me. The women in these magazines look insane. As in insanely fit and good. They must live on lettuce leaves and diet pop and I bet they never leave the gym. For a guilty decadent desert, I bet they sneak some gum while no one is looking. HA! REBELS!

For breakfast today I had a Kashi granola bar again with a small apple, and a cup of coffee.

For lunch I had broccoli slaw with mushrooms and a fat free tortilla. I made this last night so I could bring it in to have at work. I almost burned the stuff and my house down by the way. Good thing I don't live alone! making this slaw is super easy. It comes pre-cut in a bag. I just add some soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and some sriracha sauce and cook on low heat till tender. Easy. :)

For my afternoon snack I just had a chocolate rice cake. I wasn't very hungry. Lunch was very filling. A coworker caught me taking a picture of the rice cake. HA! Pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy. That's ok, cuz I am.

My sister and I ran to the grocery store together after work. MAN, what a freakin mad house! It was like some sort of end of the world, get what you can while you can MEGA SUPER SALE or something. It seemed like we were there forever and I blew a small fortune. Eating healthy and fresh is not cheap, that's for sure! SACRIFICES!

For dinner I made Taco Salad. Nick had the expected version with chips, cheese and ground beef. I made mine with ground Boca, and I had it without chips and without cheese. I like this dish. It tastes very fresh. I also added black beans and avocado to add more flavor and texture. I love avocados so much! I could eat them every day.

Then for a mini snack I tried this new treat from Yoplait. Tasty stuff! I recommend it. The texture is very smooth, rich and creamy.

And now I'm going to read more fitness magazines until I pass out so I will leave you for the evening. Goodnight...

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