Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Turbulence

Today was hectic. I'm pretty busy at work busy at work right now and my mind is all over the place just trying to organize it all. However, coffee helps. So I had a cup with yet another Kashi Granola bar. AHHHHHHH, I love Kashi!

My lunch was a crab meat wrap and a delicious plum. I love plums!

What I don't like is eating my lunch at my desk, while working. Soooooooo..... Somehow (I believe in miracles) I was able to leave the office today and actually take a lunch break. Ann and I ran to Mustard Seek Market. I purchased some chocolate Almond Breeze. Never had it before but my regular grocery store carries the Vanilla kind and it is tasty, and low calorie. YEAH! I hate Mustard Seed by the way. Overpriced, full of rich, snooty jerks and no one knows the meaning of excuse me or pardon me.

Ann purchased some almond butter and some chocolate flavored peanut butter. The girl has a problem!

Then it was back work for a few more hours. For my pre-workout snack I had cottage cheese with some sugar free apricot jam. Very tasty.

Before we knew it, it was 5:00 and we were off to the gym. Today was cardio day. Man, I felt very weak and quivery today. Ann thinks I may be pushing myself too hard but you have to push. Without pushing you can't build your stamina. We did a solid hour of cardio and when me legs were good and wobbly, we called it a day.

For dinner I cooked up some chicken breast and made a large salad. I made it with romaine, cherry tomatoes, green onions, chicken breast, great northern beans and Greek feta dressing. I was supposed to have avocado on it as well but upon cutting it open, I realized that the expensive beauty was brown and rotten on the inside. GREAT! I've been craving avocado all day and was looking so forward to it. AVOCADO'S ARE AWESOME!!!!

For a late night snack I had some of the chocolate Almond Breeze, a rice cake and some grapes. Uhm, the Almond Breeze was DUH-LI-CI-OH-SOOOOO good.

Now it's time to watch "The Colony" because I am a nerd. So I bid you goodnight. ;)

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