Monday, August 31, 2009

Lark at the Park...

Guten Tag, (German for "good day") Hope you're all having a wonderful day. I'm a bit tired today. We were up late playing games in Canton last night and I got to bed at about 1:00 am. However, I FINALLY WON at Settlers of Catan. I whooped them all, I whooped em good! YEAH!!!!! :)

Today was busy at work with it being the last day of the month. Happens this way every month. I've gotten used to it after ten years with this company but that doesn't mean I like it. Speaking of work, this is my office, I basically LIVE here during the week.

I've worked with friends, some have gone (layoffs) and we've since lost touch and some are still in my life. I also work with my sister, which keeps me sane. It's a small Co. and things are different from how they were when I first started, as is the case with many companies due to the economy. We just keep trucking along. I'm thankful every day for having a job to come in to, but as with all things, the stress remains. Life goes on.

I spend lots of time staring at this picture on my desk of Nick and I at a costume party because it makes me laugh when I get stressed.

For breakfast today I had my usual coffee, an english muffin smothered in fat free apricot jam and a banana. Tasty, tasty.

For lunch I ate at my desk as usual and had a turkey wrap and a plum.

Then Ann and I escaped for an hour and spent it at this park around the corner from work. I've been trying to get her to go there for months and I'm glad we finally made it. We had a blast. The place was nice and it just felt good to get out and get some fresh air.

For my afternoon snack I enjoyed a serving of fat free plain yogurt sweetened with splenda and topped with some juicy and ripe blueberries. Yummy.

Ann and I rode to the gym together today. She is finally having the hole in her tire fixed and has no car for the day. It was cardio day again. Starting this week we will be doing it 2x a week. BAH. Not my favorite but it will get the fat suit off the fastest. :) We were there for a little over an hour and then I took her home. I would also like to add that my ass is semi numb from the stupid bike.

For dinner I had leftover turkey burger. I sliced it up into strips and put it in a Pita with some lettuce, leftover grilled onions and mild Hungarian peppers. I also made some broccoli on the side. I seasoned it with spray butter and a few sprinkles of ranch dip mix (only 5 calories per teaspoon). It was all very good. Nick had some of my Mama's breaded pork chops with oven baked potatoes. She gave me some leftovers yesterday. So basically, I didn't have to cook dinner tonight, which was awesome.

Still tired from last night so now I just get to relax and do nothing for the rest of the night. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a goodnight.

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