Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ch Ch Chaaanges...

Szerbus (hi in Hungarian).... I was just curled up on the couch with my killer cat and watching What Not To Wear (guilty pleasure) while drinking a tall cool glass of lemon water. I lead an EXCITING life! Yes, this is true.... Some call me a rebel. I don't disagree. But now it's time to blog about my amazing life and day and in general. I tried a Kashi dark chocolate cookie for breakfast. It was much smaller than I thought it would be, but very tasty. I enjoyed that with my usual, over-sized mega cup of coffee (see visual below) and an orange.

For lunch I had some grapes and one of my favorites, a crab meat tortilla wrap with romaine lettuce. I love this stuff. Makes packing lunch on a busy morning very easy. I woke up late again. :-O

For my mid-day pre-workout snack I had cottage cheese with some fat free jam. I like this stuff. Satisfies my sweet tooth in a completely non guilty way.

It was chest, triceps and shoulder day at the gym today. Ann and I were just discussing that squeezing all three of these things may be too much for one day. We plan to revamp our workout schedule this Sunday and will start fresh on Monday. Right now we dedicate two days to legs, one to cardio, one to chest, triceps & shoulders and one to back & biceps. I think the below is probably what we will settle on for a while but we will discuss this in more detail on Sunday. We've been doing the same thing for almost a month now and change is good.

Mon - Cardio
Tues - Back and Biceps
Wed - Cardio & Shoulders
Thurs - Chest and Triceps
Fri - off
Sat - Legs
Sun - off

For dinner I had tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Simple but delicious. I didn't want anything heavy for dinner, the night before weigh in. (I'm scurt!)

Here's to hoping for a loss. Not like the lack of a loss will stop me though. I feel fantastic and have way more energy than I did a month ago.

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