Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday rolled into Sunday...

Hi everyone. Hope you are doing well. My weekend is nearing it's end but it's been such a fun one. Saturday started nice and early. I made myself a super tasty breakfast of banana and coco pancakes with fat free syrup. I absolutely love these pancakes. I'm experimenting with different add ins and they all come out excellent. This one was 1/2 cup of oats,3 egg whites, half of a banana, dash of salt, 2 packets of splenda, a tiny bit of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of coco. Blend till smooth and cook in a hot pan with some Pam for just a few minutes. I topped it with the other half of the banana and some syrup. OMG, so good!

Then I downed a cup of coffee and met Ann at the gym. It was leg day again. We did the usuals. Warm-up on the treadmill, squats, leg press, stiff leg dead-lifts, seated leg curls, leg extensions, hack squats and I also got on the ab machine and then we cooled down on the treadmill. It was a good workout!

My lunch was a simple bowl of cucumber salad. I made it using Mama's recipe. You cut the cucumbers as thin as possible, salt them well and then squeeze the extra liquid out of them. Toss them in bowl in which you have already whisked water, vinegar, pepper, splenda and a tablespoon of fat free sour cream in. Done. It's best served chilled. I had the salad with a turkey wrap and some very tasty hot/sweet mustard.

The I cleaned up and me and Ann went to the winery to enjoy the very gorgeous Saturday we were having. The place was packed. Birthday parties left and right. As you know from reading my blog, I love this place. We didn't take any snacks. Drinking wine was being naughty enough. We played pentago and scrabble and enjoyed the fine wine, scenery and the company. It was good times.

After the winery we went back to Ann's house and hung out for a bit. The wine had gotten the best of us and we were feeling lovely, just lovely. She made me a nice little salad for dinner. We cooked up some chicken breasts and just tossed that with the salad and some salsa dressing. Simple but tasty and filling. I forgot to take a picture. I will blame the wine. :-O

After dinner, I hung out for a bit and then drove home (yes, I was okay to drive by this time)... I spent the rest of the evening messing with Nick. Pretty sure he hates it when I drink wine. This won't stop me though. ;) BUGH BUGH!

Sunday morning I woke up, oddly enough, feeling good. I started my morning with coffee and pancakes again. This time I added blueberries to the same recipe instead of a banana. WOW, I think I love this one even more. How could I have went so LONG without these brilliant little pancakes in my life? HOW?

Anyways, moving on. I spent the next hour or so getting my cat high on catnip and then taking pictures of him. LOOK, LOOK HOW PRETTY HE IS! Mean little shit!

Nick was in the basement looking through his tools, look at what he found! Poor little lost guy was all covered in cobwebs. How the heck does a toad get into our basement? Very odd! Nick put him outside in the bushes. GOOD LUCK FELLOW!

For lunch I went to my moms but I took my own food. I made burritos for both Ann and I. Such a simple recipe. I took ground Morning Star (fake) meat and mixed that with 2 green onions, and black beans and taco seasoning and cooked it on low heat with a little water till nice and combined. We stuffed those into fat free tortillas and topped that with shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes and fat free sour cream. Very good, and good for you. Also, very filling.

My mom made her famous breaded and deep fried pork and oven roasted potatoes which are smothered with oil. It smelled good but my burrito did too. I RESISTED!

For dinner we grilled out and I made ranch turkey burgers. I also grilled an onion and some mild Hungarian peppers. I had my burger with a high fiber English muffin instead of a bun. I also made a small side salad with Greek feta dressing. And of course, don't forget the pickle on the side!!!

Now we're of to Canton to hang out with some friends and to play some Settlers of Catan. I love that stupid game! We will probably be there for hours so goodbye and goodnight.

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