Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wicked Wednesday....

Hey yall, it's mid-week. Halfway to FREEDOM. Can you stand it? I can't. I'm all giddy with anticipation! Today was another busy day at work. I should probably start trying to have breakfast at home, but I have a hard time waking up super early just for something that I can easily have at work. However, I'm obviously not having eggs, or wraps or anything actually worth having. I tend to have things like granola bars, fruit, instant oatmeal, or as I did today, toast with fat free apricot jam and a banana. Not bad I guess. Perhaps waking up early to make it at home is something I can strive to do in the future.

My lunch was MORE CABBAGE and great northern beans. Don't worry, this was the last of it and it'll be a while before I make it again.

My afternoon pre-workout snack was more Hummus with veggies. I need a food processor so I can start making this stuff at home. That or some Baba Ganoush. MMMM, so tasty!

It was leg day at the gym. It went pretty well. Though it seems way too early to be saying this (day 26 today), I swear I'm getting stronger already. Some of the things, like the Hack Squat, which I struggled with the first week are becoming more easy to do. Which is exciting. We were there for just a little over an hour today. We had a late start due to an accident on the Hwy. and had to take the back-roads to the gym. So we ended the day just a tad sooner then usual.

For dinner I made healthy pancakes. It's a recipe that Ann found on another blog (thanks healthy foddie blog ladies) and she makes them all the time. It's basically egg whites, blended in a blender with old fashioned oats, cinnamon, Splenda and baking powder. That's it. Then you make them like regular pancakes (with some Pam or oil, I used Pam) and voilĂ . Healthy pancakes. I blended some raspberries into mine as well and threw some on top and had it with some sugar free, low calorie syrup. I would have made it with blueberries but for some reason the store I ran to at lunch did not have any. NEXT TIME! I also had a glass of my new love, chocolate Almond Breeze. YEAH! All in all dinner was nice and filling. Not too much though, just enough.

Goodnight!! Now I'm sleepy and my bed beckons me to come hither.

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