Thursday, August 6, 2009

Electronics are EVIL!

I believe my laptop has been infiltrated. Laptop demons DO exist! I haven't enjoyed the ability to add to this Blog because my stupid electronic box of DOOM is slowly DYING on me. We've been trying to revive her for the last few days but the old girl is on her last breath. We will keep trying though. Soon, we go in for major surgery. Delete everything and start all over. Amnesia can be a beautiful thing no? How can you know how bad you were in the past, when you have no way to remember? STUPID 512 RAM!!!! So slow that I find myself throwing things while I wait. Though this feels good, I'm starting to miss the possessions I keep BREAKING! I can't go on like this!! Thus I am forced to send you this angry message from work. (Shhhhhhh, our secret!)


I hope to be back in full force soon!

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