Friday, April 30, 2010

Pictorial Perfection...

I magically find myself short on time today. Signs of a perfect Friday off form work, worry and stress. To make up for my lack of verbal stimulation, I present you with my first ever PHOTO Friday. Enjoy my lovelies. I'll be back with a full post tomorrow. LOVE YOU!!

First let me recap my weekly battle with Mr. Scale. I'm down 1.8 pounds for a total of 52.9. YEAH! I will update the "weight lost to date" photos on the blog when I get a moment. For now, the info will be out of date for a day or two. BUSY BEE OVER HERE!!!!

As you know, I was off today. LOVED IT! Here are some pictures that capture this day in all its glory perfectly! :) No words are necessary....

After breakfast I went shopping, spent a small fortune and then ACCIDENTALLY ended up at the winery with Annie-Boo. GLORIOUS DAY!

Quick note. These crackers from Target rocked my socks off. I'm just saying....

I caught a black lipped BEAST! Oliver Doppelganger. HA!

After our winery shenanigans, Ann and I parted ways. I came home and Nick and I decided to meet his younger brother Scotty and his girlfriend Amanda for dinner at the Geisen Haus in Canton. I never got around to taking pictures though. :-O

I had a grilled chicken cajun sandwich and 1/2 of my fries. YES, I was naughty. I'm okay with that. I'm never naughty. Today has been glorious. And now I am tired. My bed beckons me. Goodnight dah-lings.. :)



Karin said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! You deserved it :)

Anonymous said...

glad you had such a great day...nice pics, love the cooffe pic..



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