Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steady As She Goes...

Awe snap. It's 10:30 at night and I just started typing. I sort of lost track of my day today. It happens.

First of all, I enjoyed ten ridiculously fabulous hours of sleep last night. (insert happy song here). I haven't slept this many hours in weeks! Months even! I felt like a new woman when I woke up.

I celebrated with a cup of Dulche De Leche coffee and a tasty, sweet little treat.

BREAKFAST (meal #1) at 10:30am.

I thinly sliced a braeburn apple, sprinkled it with Splenda and cinnamon and then microwaved it for 2 minutes until the apples became warm and tender.

I place them into a wheat flat out which I smeared with a wedge of light Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese.

I sliced it into 3 pieces and devoured it. It was ridiculous. I felt like I was having dessert for breakfast.


I met Ann at the gym at noon to delicately murder my legs, a$$ and get as sweaty as humanly possible without passing out. I love Saturday workouts! It's when I feel like I have the most time to really give it my all!

Speaking of giving it my all, I have decided to give running another try. Figures right? I openly blog about NOT being a runner ALL the time and blame my right leg (injured when I was 9, I had a broken femur and didn't walk for over 6 months) as the reason for not running. Well, I've thought about it. How can I know for SURE that I can't run without trying? Why do I assume that I'm not capable without making sure? Not every runner is a perfectly built running machine! I by no means LOVE it or ENJOY it. As with all things exercise related, you just have to DO IT! So today, I did it. Steady as she goes my friends. Steady as she goes.

Treadmill Warmup
5 min. at 3.2 speed and a 1.5 min. run at 5.0 speed (this is fast for me, I'm 5.2 if I stand on my tiptoes)
Leg Extension (cable)
100lb x 10
90lb x 15
90lb x 15
80lb x 15
Seated Leg Curl (cable)
100lb x 10
90lb x 15
90lb x 15
80lb x 15
Reclined Leg Press (plate loaded)
140lb x 15
160lb x 15
180lb x 15
Outer Thigh Machine (cable)
85lb x 20
85lb x 20
85lb x 20
Inner Thigh Machine (cable)
75lb x 20
75lb x 20
65lb x 20
Conventional Deadlifts (straight bar)
45lb x 15
65lb x 15
65lb x 15
Body Weight x 15 (3 sets)
10 minutes total, 0.7 miles,
1 minute intervals of 3.2 walking and 5.0 running (not bad, not bad at all)
Elliptical Cross Trainer
20 minutes, 1.78 miles
2 minute intervals at levels 6 & 8

Total time at gym = 1:40
Max HR = 180 (running, weeeeeee)
Average HR = 139
Total Calories Burned = 806

After the gym I took my sweaty self to visit the Babushka Family for lunch. I was seriously starving!

LUNCH (meal #2) at 2:00pm.

I had a super tasty salad with spinach + radishes + green peppers + artichoke hearts + sugar snap peas + green onions + sunflower seeds + Morning Star Farms black bean burger + spray butter.

Enjoyed with a cup of mint green tea. I'm going try to go back to one cup of coffee a day. WISH ME LUCK!

SNACK (meal #3) at 4:00pm.

We were playing some GRUELING sessions of Yahtzee and Sorry and all the competition made me hungry again. I remedied this with yogurt perfection.

Plain Dannon Greek yogurt + kiwi + strawberry + papaya + cinnamon.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting. The folks are a bit worried about their flight home to Hungary which is happening in the very near future. I'm sure you've all heard about the volcano that erupted in Iceland. Well, as luck would have it, flights to and from Europe are being cancelled left and right. I hope it works out for them and they get to go home. To be honest, I'm pretty pissed off about the whole situation. I mean SERIOUSLY, they waited 25+ years to go back. What are the odds of this happening right NOW!? BAH! Send some well wishes their way would ya? Some magical voodoo!

When I got home I unwound in a nice warm bath. So warm in fact that I felt like I was having a heat stroke when I got out. Good grief. I laid under the ceiling fan for almost 15 minutes trying to cool myself down. After my "steamy" adventure, Nick and relaxed on the couch and watched One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I've only seen bits and pieces of it and finally decided to watch the whole thing. What a great movie! Loved it!!

SNACK (meal #4) at 8:30pm.

I also snacked one some pretzels during the movie and a packet of cocoa covered almonds. I forgot to take pictures though. I was too consumed with the movie. :-O

DINNER (meal #5) at 10:15pm.

It was late by the time the movie ended and I was NOT in the mood for cooking. I dug DEEP in my freezer and found my very last container of vegetarian chili. Dinner has been SOLVED!

I topped it with fat free shredded cheddar cheese and enjoyed it with low fat blue corn tortilla chips. A perfectly dippable dinner. YUM!

I'm going to call it a night now my lovelies. I'm going to enjoy a bit more quality R&R with the Mr. and then get lost in my fluffy bed. Have a great night!!



homecookedem said...

I used to make that very same breakfast all the time!! Sooooooo good!! I was so addicted to it and would have a small panic attack if we ran out of any of the ingredients. ;)

Sonia said...

the more I read your blog the more things I find that we have in common! I'm short too- 5'1"...and (until now) could never figure out why I couldn't go as "fast" on the treadmill... hehe, I can get up to 7.0 max, on a good day. I'm not a runner either.
I love One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! My boyfriend has the book & and has been trying to get me to read it, but I haven't yet.
I hope your parents' flight works out! Sending positive vibes...

Kelly said...

So awesome that you gave running a try, I felt the same way - that I would never be runner since I hadn't been able to do it before and had a horrible, humiliting race experience as a kid, but I gave it a go and I've run two 5k races in the past week! You never know til you try!

The bfast looks delicious, I like microwaved apples mixed into greek yogurt, the healhty pie a la mode if you will :)

I'm not one to believe in "vibes" but I will think positive thoughts for your parents, it can't hurt!


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