Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, my mini goal for the week was a gallon of water a day, which was to commence on Saturday. SO FAR THIS GOAL HAS BEEN A COMPLETE FAILURE! I'm going to kick my own ass! 20% of the blame goes to the weather. I find it more difficult to consume water when it's cold out. The remainder of the 80% is all me baby! ALL ME! I had a stern talking to with Mr. Elusive Water Bottle today. At first he was a bit shy....

But eventually he came around.

And before you knew it, we were getting along like we had never been apart.

All that ended as soon as he realized what was in store though! GULP!

Breakfast today was SO tasty! I took a toasted English muffin and on one side I smeared some pumpkin butter, and on the other some fat free apricot preserves. I added sliced bananas to each and had the rest of the banana on the side. I enjoyed this very much. It was sweet, rich, filling and clearly, easy to make.

Of course breakfast was accompanies by a creamy and aromatic cup of coffee. I can't LIVE without this stuff. I can't say for sure what I may do without my daily caffeine fix. However, I have a hunch it may involve any one or all of the following. Unexplainable rage, hissy fits, temper tantrums, possibly some mild violence or acts which some may find to be morally questionable! I'm just saying.... Give me coffee and everything will be juuuuust fine.

Lunch involved two of my favorite things. Pumpernickel bread and light Laughing Cow cheese. Yep, you guessed it. It's veggie sandwich time! This bad boy included cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and some spinach leaves. YUM!

AND GUESS WHAT? I had it with Elusive Water Bottle #2. Only three more to go before I reach a gallon. WHEW! And it's only 1:00 in the afternoon, WOW. For me....this is comparable to a once in a lifetime, unexplainable and miraculous event.

Let the EXCITEMENT of this day continue, shall we? For our break today Ann and I got EVEN MORE Christmas shopping done. I'm like a MACHINE today. A MACHINE!! Of course I can't discuss what was purchased but I CAN tell you that it feels great to put a HUGE dent into my list! YAY!

For my afternoon snack I enjoyed some Emerald natural almonds, dried cherries and Newman's Own Organic dried apples form the goody box I received yesterday. Holy Heck, what a great snack! The combination of these three items was out of this world! I'm talking moonbeams and stardust sprinkles here! It was insanely yummy! I give the dried apples an 8 out of 10! I love the chewy texture but I wish the apple flavor was a bit stronger. They were good none the less though!

This just makes me want to go home and try other goodies from them. I MUST resist! I MUST be strong! I MUST buy a lock for my snack cabinet. Nick of course will have to hide and key and hope that I don't attack. HA! AHHHHH COOKIES!

Water bottle #3 has now been consumed... I can't stop peeing. A tad bit too much information I know. I apologize! :)

After work it was off to the gym. The arm was feeling better today (but scabbing up something HORRIBLE) so I felt pretty good about being able to do the necessary moves today. Which I did just fine and without any problems! Awesome!

Treadmill Warmup
5 min. at 3.4 speed
Lateral Pulldown with straight bar
40lb x 25
50lb x 22
60lb x 18
70lb x 5
Cable Standing Lateral Pulldown
25lb x 25
30lb x 20
35lb x 12
Face Pull with rope grip
50lb x 25
60lb x 22
70lb x 18
80lb x 12
Low Row Machine
20lb x 15
30lb x 12
40lb x 12
Barbell Curls
20lb x 20
25lb x 18
30lb x 12
20lb x 15
Dumbbell Curls
7.5lb x 15
10lb x 15
12.5lb x 10
Hammer Curls
7.5lb x 15
10lb x 15
12.5lb x 12

Water bottle #4 has now been consumed... My bladder hates me right now.

I skedaddled home from the gym to relax and unwind for a bit. I was excited because I knew I wouldn't have to fuss with dinner tonight. Nick would be enjoying round two of Mama's meatloaf leftovers and I would more than likely be enjoying the leftovers from last nights chicken fajitas. Clearly I'm an advocate for the LOVE YOUR LEFTOVERS movement (I just made that up). I mean really, who throws out perfectly good food? The idea seems INSANE to me.

Of course I had to do something a LITTLE different with the leftovers to spice them up a bit. Jazz them up if you will. I decided to stuff the leftover chicken and veggies into a Flat Out, add some cheese and pan fry it (toast it up and melt the cheese) with some Pam. On the side I cut up some lettuce, cabbage, tomato and green onion. Once the wrap was nice and toasty I plated up and smeared the leftover guacamole on top from last night. The whole thing was done in roughly 10 minutes and to tell you the truth, I enjoyed it WAY more then I did last night.

After dinner I could NOT warm up so I made a steamy cup of tea. I decided on chocolate caramel enchantment tea. I added a bit of fat free, calorie free chocolate syrup and a splash of fat free hazelnut creamer. SO GOOD!

Now it's time to curl up and veg out for a bit before bedtime. Have a great night everyone.

Oh, and bottle #5 was just consumed. I DID IT! YEAH!

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