Monday, November 30, 2009

Wrapping Retaliation!

Today was such a sad, wet, FREEZING, grey and gloomy day. BUT, we're still snow free for the season so YAY for that! It's inevitable though. I can sense it (smell it) lurking in the dark shadows up above. Waiting, laughing, teasing, tormenting and torturing me with it's crystalized and flaky whiteness! AHHHHH! I hope it never comes!! I do NOT need a white Christmas! NOPE. SURE DON'T!!

Speaking of Christmas (I can't shut up about it aye?), Nick wrapped my presents today and neatly stacked them all on the porch for me to stare at. OMG! I can't stand it!! HA! Of course I had to immediately retaliate by wrapping his up as well and putting them on display right next to mine. TAKE THAT! HA-HAAA! Oh, and mine look WAY better than his. NA NA NA NA NAAA NAAAAAAAA!!!

Alright, now on to the food! Breakfast was an oldie but goody. I made two decadent little sandwiches out of the following.
  • 100 calorie, high fiber English muffin
  • wedge of light laughing cow cheese
  • 1 packet splenda
  • sprinkles of cinnamon
  • 1 honeycrisp apple, thinly sliced

All of these ingredients add up to pure, unadulterated deliciousness! SO GOOD! I enjoyed half of the apple on the side with more cinnamon sprinkles, of course!

Lunch however was a complete and total FAILURE! I shredded up some leftover turkey meat and decided to microwave it for a few seconds to heat it through. BAD IDEA! It dried out to the lovely texture of cardboard. MAD! I tried to salvage it by smearing it with cran-apple butter. It was better but FAR from GOOD! I turned it into a wrap by adding it to a tortilla lined with romaine leaves. On the side I had some raw veggies. At least THEY tasted good!

For our break today Ann and I attempted to find a Christmas present for our Mama but our mission was NOT successful. I did however manage to spend money on myself. What is wrong with me? HA! At least I didn't spend a lot. I picked up some calorie free caramel coffee syrup, gingerbread flavored coffee and snickerdoodle flavored coffee. It's my new obsession. I have like 6 flavored coffees at home at the moment and about 4 different syrups. I LOVE COFFEE!

My afternoon snack was a decadent little mix of tasty stuff! Of course I must be talking about a yogurt mess. I made it with plain Oikos Greek yogurt, POM arils...

and a deep chocolate VitaTop from VitaLicious.

I was seriously drooling between bites. The flavor combo was magnificent!

The VitaTop was nice and chocolaty and the tartness and crunch from the seeds mixed with the creamy goodness of the yogurt was SO GOOD! This VitaTop gets a 10 out of 10. I loved the sweet heck out of it.

My Vita stash is running low by the way. THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY! You will probably see a repeat of this exact snack tomorrow though with a different flavored muffin top. Yeah, it was that good! :)

The gym session was also good today. Here is what we did.

Cable V-Bar Lat. Pulldown
40lb x 25
50lb x 20
60lb x 18
70lb x 10
High Row (plate loaded)
50lb x 25
70lb x 20
90lb x 15
Low Row (plate loaded)
20lb x 20
30lb x 16
40lb x 12
Face Pull with rope grip (cable)
60lb x 25
70lb x 20
80lb x 12
Barbell Curls
20lb x 20
25lb x 20
35lb x 12
10 min., .56 miles, 3.4 speed
10 min., Random, Level 5, 3.6 miles
2 min "test" run

I wanted to see if my leg could handle the elliptical before we left. I haven't tried getting back on since week 1 back at the gym. We're now on week 17 (roughly, wow) and It felt SO MUCH better then before. I think I will start adding it into my workouts, little by little. STEADY AS SHE GOES! :)

Dinner was easy peasy. I had leftover veggie, cocoa chili. I swear it tasted even better than yesterday. I enjoyed the hot heck out of it.

And there you have it. My very exciting (dull) Monday for you reading enthusiasts. Now I'm off to watch some Top Gear and House M.D.

Chat tomorrow.

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Janetha said...

sorry about the turkey fail. at least it looks good! i like the LCL+apples on an EM. great combo. chili is always better as leftovers! xo


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