Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poison Party Punch!

Well hello there. I'm BACK! Did you miss me? Well worry no more, I'm back in full force today. Last night was ridiculous. Let's start with that shall we? We got to the party at about 7:00. The house looked amazing. They had strobe lights, fog machines, props and decorations everywhere. And of course, the BAD food I was worried about was all over the place as well. Not a single veggie or fruit tray in sight. Dang it!

This punch was so tasty. Clearly, this means trouble!! UH OH!

Some of the costumes were amazing. Tough I must say, mine looked damn good. Check out this HOT couple. That Chuck Norris, Walker Texas Ranger sure is sexy! I'm so glad I wrangled him up!

I did manage to find some food I could eat, which was not very much. I had some shrimp cocktail off of the brain shrimp. HA! And I also found some salsa and chips. Yep, this was all I could have. My other options were wings, pizza, cup cakes, cheese ball, hot cheese dip and other various desserts. NO WAY!

As more and more of our friends kept showing up, the party mood changed from fun to just plain rowdy. (The pics look smoky because of the smoke machines....)
The lovely Carrie. Pregnant and as beautiful as ever.

Rob dressed as Beetlejuice was ridiculous! I LOVED his costume!!
And the lovely host, Meg. Dressed as bettlejuices bride to be, Lydia.

Yes, they burned an old piano outside.... Just for fun..... Nick's brother Dan felt compelled to play it. HA! I didn't stay outside very long or I would have taken more pictures. I WAS FREEZING!

SUCH GOOD TIMES! However, inevitable party punch doom reared it's ugly face. Here is something you should keep in mind for a future reference! When you start losing weight and eating less and living healthy, drinking will affect you differently. Apparently my tolerance took a nosedive along with my weight loss. Now I'll know for next time. The lovely host let us sleep in her guest bedroom so we wouldn't have to drive home. THANKS MEG! So yeah, all in all an excellent evening.

My morning on the other hand was NOT excellent. I can sum it up for you in one word. My morning was BAD! Way toooooo much party punch for this delicate body! Oh man! We woke up, walked very slowly and painfully to Nicks car and drove home. I was not in a happy place. When we got home, I crashed on the couch. Nick made me some tea and brought me some Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. Awe, he was babying me. I loved every second of it.

Oh, and we forgot to check the mail yesterday. Look at the goodies I got from Costello's Health Distributors Inc. They sent me a sample of their Platinum Hydro Whey protein and their Optimum LifeStyle magazine. Awesome!

After a few hours I felt good enough to get some actual food in me. I made a quick roast beef and cheese sandwich on wheat. I also had a banana and a handful of grapes on the side. Oh man, I felt so much better after eating. I was also gulping down glasses of water left and right. I couldn't get enough!!

After lunch we curled up to watch Moon. Nick FINALLY found a version to download. It never made it to any theaters around here and I've been waiting for months to watch it. YEAH! I loved it. It was good. I also love Sam Rockwell so this is no big surprise. :)

After the movie I decided to start on dinner. A large salad sounded good. I decided to make some chicken tenders to toss on top. I just cooked them up in a frying pan with Pam. I seasoned them with sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper and Italian seasoning mix. I added the chicken to a nice bowlful of spinach leaves, romaine, tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, black beans, Melba bagel crisps and red pepper flakes. I then topped the pile of deliciousness with Feta Greek Dressing. Yum!!

I also enjoyed this diet black cherry pop from Trader Joe's. Tasty!

Well, there you have it. That wraps it up. Now I must go. I'm tired as all heck! Goodnight!

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