Monday, October 12, 2009

Colorful concoctions!

Another dreary, dull, grey and gloomy day here in AK-Rowdy town. Where has all the color of fall gone? Does Ohio even have a Fall? I mean a REAL Fall? The kind with pretty leaves, and bright trees, and vivid, sunny, blue skies with extra fluffy clouds. It went from 80 degrees and bright sun to mid 50's and damp nastyness in like a week. I'm not even kidding! SIGH! At least breakfast was jam packed with cozy type goodness!
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup golden
  • raisins
  • cinnamon
  • splenda
  • banana

My morning was pretty smooth. I got caught up with emails, cleaned my office up a bit and updated all of my spreadsheets. YEAH!

For lunch I enjoyed a monster sized wrap. I could barely hold the thing up. It was so good!! I'm so lucky that I LOVE vegetables. Eating right would sure be a lot harder if I didn't enjoy them so much.
  • lite Flat Out wrap
  • spinach
  • raw slaw mix
  • mushrooms
  • turkey
I also enjoyed some carrots on the side

After lunch I worked for a bit longer and then ran out with Ann to fuel up. We then decided to try and do some Christmas shopping early. We vow to do this every year and NEVER do it. As was the case today. There was a lot of drooling over things without any actual purchasing. We do have some good ideas but didn't find exactly what we were looking for. Maybe next time.

For my afternoon snack I had the always delectable and enjoyable Oikos Greek yogurt again. I tried the honey one for the first time and I liked it. I think they actually make it with real honey. Not some imitation crap. It was, rich, creamy, sweet and delicious!

It was 5:00 before we knew it and we busted out of there and we were off to the gym. UGH.... It was cardio day. Not my favorite. However, I was feeling pumped today. I got on the bike, the treadmill and worked my abs as well. We were there for maybe 1:15 and called it a day. I was covered in sweat and freezing by the time I left. It felt like 35 degrees out. I HATE BEING COLD!

Okay, moving on. For dinner I decided to BRIGHTEN things up and made chicken fajitas. I love Mexican food! Nick and I both do so there was EXCITEMENT in the air. The aromas of peppers and onions sauteing ever so slowly filled the air. Tender strips of juicy chicken were dancing around in a pan full of fajita seasoned goodness. I made myself two beautifully wrapped fajita rolls. Of course I added avocados as well. As you all know, I LOVE AVOCADOS.

For a bit of a snack later I enjoyed a nice cup of raspberry tea and a Kashi oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. It's been a while since I've had one of these cookies. I love them. Actually I passionately love all things "Kashi".

Alright my lovelies. I'm out of here. Enjoy the rest of your evening!!


Janetha said...

hey beautiful! just catching up on your most recent posts. i love the sun kissed breakfast photos from the one previous to this :) artsy fancy!

and in this post i am so digging that spinach stuffed wrap. i am basically obsessed with wraps! i love mexican too! it is by far my fave cuisine. I WANT THAT OWL MUG!

Sophia said...

I ADORE your owl mug! So darn cute!

I think I'm so lucky to adore veggies, too. I used to hate them as a kid, but thank God that phase is over!

sam said...

that wrap looks amazing!!!

Chef Dennis said...

Everything looks so goood!!! who new eating healthy could be this good!!

Monet said...

So delicious! I'm loving your blog. I also am trying to live a life that is full of healthy and nutritious meals. Love what you are doing.


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