Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fruit infatuation.

Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing well. Today has been somewhat uneventful, and no, I am not complaining. It's nice to take it easy once in a while. I celebrated with something new for breakfast. I decided to try a fruity, cheesy concoction. I toasted up an English muffin, topped it with a swiss laughing cow cheese wedge, splenda, cinnamon and slices of an Asian pear.

HOLD THE PHONE! This tasted amazing. So good in fact that I made Ann taste it. JUST A LITTLE BIT THOUGH! It was precious to me and I didn't want to give to much of it away. HA! I will be having this again. Probably tomorrow!!

After breakfast I set up some new projects, cleaned some work off of my desk and did some filing. I love a clean office SO much! It felt good to see my office organized! Before I knew it, lunchtime arrived. I packed the leftover roasted veggies from last night and had that with a wrap. I CLEARLY love wraps and leftovers. The only thing I had in the wrap was spinach and a Morning Star Farms black bean burger. Simple yet delicious! I slammed on this goodness till it was all gone. My belly was FULL!

Before Ann and I left on our break to visit Halloween USA, I had to do something very important. Something very urgent. A sort of MISSION if you will! I had to thoroughly study this piece of paper, given to me by Nick. HAHAHAHAAA!!

I can now share his Halloween plans with you, since the original idea fell through. He was going to go as zombie Billy Mays. But you see, Billy is too HIP right now. Billy is all over the place. He found out that two other people attending the party were considering going as him. So with a heavy heart, he opted for Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Norris. HAHAHAHA! I love this idea. Chuck RULES! He was growing his beard anyway and his hair is sort of reddish like Chuck's. He already ordered a Texas Ranger badge online (he is crazy!!) and it should be here soon. My "mission" was to look for, and take pictures of the following. A wig so he could accurately portray Chuck's luscious locks. Cowboy hats so he could capture Chuck's true essence. And of course guns, preferably with an ivory handle because detail like that is CRUCIAL! Here is what I found. Please note the lovely model showing off the hats. Thanks Annie-boo. ;)

While there I also tried on 4 more dresses, ranging from Maiden, Vampire Mistress to Witch. I hated them all! Ann tried on several things as well and came up with nothing. It was while trying on the last dress that I had an epiphany. I was being retarded! I already had a plan. A good plan. A plan to dress up as something that I've been wanting to be since last year. Zombie, you and I shall become one on Saint Hollow's Eve. We will be united, in perfection, in flesh, in gore and in blood. There will be no plan B. I SHALL be a zombie and nothing else will do!

For my afternoon snack today, I had oatmeal. Yeah, that's right, oatmeal. You didn't think a weekday would pass without it did you? NO WAY! I made it with old fashioned oats, cranberries, cinnamon, splenda and a little fat free vanilla pudding mix. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now lets fast forward to the gym. Like I said, the day art work was uneventful and I don't want to bore you. :) We decided to switch it up a bit and did chest and triceps today instead of cardio and shoulders. Why did we switch things up? Because Ann was convinced that the duo we've lovingly named Joe Pechi and his Maid would not be there today. We hate doing chest and triceps when they are howling and flexing around us. So we dove right in and were working out for maybe 20 minutes when guess who walks in. WE LOSE! UGH! We never worked out so fast before. HAHA! We were moving from machine to machine like animals. Swift and precise, slithering and crawling all over the gym to get away from them. We wrapped it all up in about 1:15 and got the heck out of there.

For dinner tonight, I wanted more CHEESE AND FRUIT! I decided to experiment again. Not a risky experiment but a new recipe to me, so it counts. I took a flat out wrap, added two slices of fat free swiss cheese, shredded turkey lunch meat and apple slices. I tossed it in a frying pan with some Pam and toasted her up all nice and crunchy. AWE MAN. ANOTHER WINNER! I had the rest of the apple on the side along with a star fruit. TASTEEEEE!!!!!

After dinner we watched a few more episodes of house. Almost done with Season 3. I love this damn show! I was craving something sweet later so I had a NuGo bar. The plain chocolate version. Tasty, chewy, sweet chocolatey. Yep, it was tasty.

And now I have to go, it's nearing midnight again. I NEED SLEEP. Buh-bye.


Janetha said...

ah i love star fruit! it is so photogenic. haha, ann knows how to wear a cowboy hat. i cant wait for halloweeeeeen!!!!!!

Simply Life said...

Oh yum, all your meals look delicious!


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