Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Let me tell you what! Everything I consume now a days is tasty AND healthy. A delicate and lovely balance of good for you, yum-yum deliciousness that not only makes me full, but also makes me happy.

I think food can deeply impact ones mood. When you eat clean, healthy and lite, you feel good AND you feel good about your choices. HOW CAN YOU LOSE? You can't. Except some excess pounds of course! Nothing wrong with that! HA! I'm here to spread the word! EAT GOOD TO FEEL GOOD! Yeah, it's about that simple! And I'm going to tell EVERYONE!

Now on to this so called MAGICAL MOOD FOOD I'm ranting and raving about above. For breakfast today I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a dessert-ish wrap of sorts. Tasted so guilty, yet it wasn't. SEE.... MAGIC! (I do believe!)
  • 1 wedge lite laughing cow cheese
  • 1 large apple of choice, cut into thin strips
  • 1 lite FlatOut wrap
  • Splenda and cinnamon to taste
You just roll all of this up and there you have it. Perfection in a pretty little package. SO GOOD!

Lunch was a bit tragic, but I was able to improvise. I packed roast beef, bell peppers and romaine leaves to have on a sandwich and I forgot my precious pumpernickel bread. SIGH! A coworker rescued me though with a slice of his wheat bread. YAY! THANKS AGAIN! I quickly turned it into an open faced sandwich. TA DAAA!

For our break today, Ann and I ventured to World Market. I like the store as a whole, but find that I smile the most when I'm aimlessly wandering in their spices, marinades and snacks section. Without any hesitation, I picked up the following! I stood no chance. I HAD TO HAVE THEM!

When we got back to work, I decided to share my recent gifts from The Pure Bar with Ann. I pondered deeply on which one to have and which one to give to Ann.

Chocolate brownie???

Or apple cinnamon???

We decided to share a bite of each to keep the peace! Ann couldn't decide which one to try first. HA!

She finally tried the apple cinnamon. She LOVED IT!

I tried the chocolate brownie first, IT WAS GOOD!

--chocolate brownie = GOOD! I give it an A-. Ann agrees. It was dense, moist, rich and the consistency was that of a real brownie. GOOD stuff!

--apple cinnamon = AWESOME! I give it an A++. We both thought it tasted like apple pie. Oh man. I still have a full sized bar of this at home. I will NOT be sharing that one with Ann. You can bet on that! HA! ;)

About two hours later I was hungry again so I busted out my afternoon pre-workout snack. Oikos plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and a half of a banana, mashed. Then I sliced the rest of the banana on top. HEY, THIS WAS GOOD! I loved the addition of the mashed banana!

Before we knew it, 5:00 was upon us and we were off to the gym to work our back and biceps. I sort of shared my workout with you yesterday, but it was rather lame because it was just cardio. STARTING TODAY, I WILL SHARE MY WORKOUTS WITH YOU IN DETAIL! I've been vaguely rambling on about them for some time now. Then I though, HEY, people may actually want to know WHAT exactly I'm doing. Soooooo. Here it is!

Warm up on treadmill - 5 min at 3.2 speed

Wide-grip Lat pulldown
40lb x 25
50lb x 20
60lb x 15
65lb x 7
Face Pull with rope grip
50lb x 25
60lb x 20
70lb x 18
80lb x 15
Dumbbell curls
7.5lb x 20
10lb x 15
12.5lb x 10
10lb x 10
Barbell curls
20lb x 15
25lb x 12
20lb x 15
Hammer curls
7.5lb x 15
10lb x 12
10lb x 12
High Row machine
50lb x 20
60lb x 15
70lb x 12
Inclined Bar Pull-up
Body weight x12, 3 sets.

WHEW, I was whooped. And starving. So I flew home and thought about what to make for dinner all the way there. By the time I pulled into the driveway I had it all figured out. Oven roasted, boneless, skinless chicken breast with brussel sprouts and a sweet potato. I seasoned the chicken and the sprouts with garlic salt, pepper and cayenne and popped them in the oven. I wrapped a sweet potato for me and a regular potato for Nick in some foil and popped them in the oven as well. Couldn't be any easier!! While dinner was cooking I took a nice relaxing bath. Ahhhhhhh! It all turned out delicious!

After dinner it was time for arts and crafts. EVIL CRAFTS! I slathered blood all over the back of my dress. I did the front the other day but I wanted to make sure that I had good coverage all the way around. It turned out great. Bloody perfection! Now I need to wait for it to dry and then I'll do another coat on the front and the back later this week. I also decided to play around with the liquid latex and all the makeup I got for a bit. I wanted to make sure that I could get it to work and look good before the party on Sat. I watched some videos online and it looked pretty easy.
  • Apply liquid latex, let dry for 3-5 minutes.
  • Lay toilet paper bits on top, cover with second layer of latex.
  • Wait a few minutes, cut holes with something sharp (I used a toothpick) to make open wounds and scabs.
  • Color until you're happy with the look.
Well wouldn't you know it, my first try was a complete and absolutely amazing success. HA! My hand looked like it was rotting and diseased. DISTURBINGLY BRILLIANT! I don't think I'll have any problems on Sat. OHH I CAN'T WAIT to apply this madness to my face!

For a little evening snack I treated my creative brilliance with a handful of these bad boys. I adore you chocolate animal crackers. I do!

Goodnight everyone!

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