Friday, October 2, 2009

Stepping outside the box is not allowed!

I'M A DAY BEHIND!! Lost track of time Friday so I'm posting this morning instead for your reading pleasure. ENJOY! ;)

FRIDAY IS HERE! I made it through the week and it feels so glorious! I'm giddy with excitement I tell you, GIDDY! HA!

I'm also in a super good mood because I lost weight again. Down another 1.8 lbs. Not stellar I know but I'll take it. Close to two pounds a week whether over or under is good for me. Two pounds a week is healthy. I was excited. :)

Breakfast today was quick, sweet, rich and scrumptiolydumplious! I doubt that's a word you can find in any dictionary but it fits. I was running behind this morning so I just grabbed a NuGo bar for breakfast. It was the Banana Chocolate kind. It made no mention of coconuts but I swear I tasted that in there too. Sneaky NuGo guys! IT WAS SO GOOD! And it kept me full for hours. I enjoyed it with a nice cup of coffee.

Random: Look at my calendar kitty today. HE LOOKS DERANGED! I love it!

Then I worked for a bit and went to a meeting about our project database program. We implemented a new one roughly two years ago and are still trying to solve all the issues and bugs with it. They were looking for our input and our likes and dislikes etc... Ann and I went prepared! We had a list (looooooong list) and a lot to say. I tossed some jokes in there too. You know, like, YEAH Hahaha, isn't it awesome when you try to do this and it does this instead? I thought it went well!

By the time the meeting was over it was after lunchtime. Where did the day go? So I quickly heated up my Morning Star Farms black bean burger and toasted my English muffin. I had a nice little apple on the side as well. Yeah, not very exciting I know. Like I said before, I was running behind this morning dang it. What can I say? It was delicious though! :)

I didn't get a chance to leave the office for a break today. The meeting lasted too long and I had some emails to catch up on after that. No big deal though.

For my afternoon snack today I enjoyed yet another plain Oikos Greek yogurt with red grapes. I clearly like this combo. I think I've had it 3x this week already. Maybe I take comfort in the familiar? Don't you judge me!!!!

After work I went to the usual Friday HOT SPOT. Meaning the grocery store. OH I'M LIVIN ON THE EDGE right? I spent a FORTUNE and hurried home for some Ildie gets to relax time. I was a bit naughty at the store today. It was a long and rough week and I needed some liquid candy so I got one of these...... Again. DON'T JUDGE ME! I love wine and it's been a while. :)

For dinner I tried stepping out of the box a little bit and resisted the temptation of making Taco Salad. I had sort of the same thing last night stuffed into a wrap instead of tossed over lettuce and I wasn't hip on having it again. Nick started crying and pleading and gently whimpered a song about his love of Taco Salad in my ear....... I tried to help him deal with the loss and tried to get him to work through his pain. However, after about 30 minutes of pleading I decided to make Taco Salad to keep the peace. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the stuff (love it actually). I was just trying to do something different. ;)

After pouring myself a nice large glass of wine, I started on dinner. Before finishing it, I was already ob glass number 2. UH OH.... I've been eating lite and losing weight. All of a sudden I looked at Nick and started laughing. I had a buzz. HAHAHAHAHA!

We ate our Taco Salad and you know what? It was good. It's always good! I don't know why I was hesitating making it.

After dinner Nick decided to teach me how to play Munchkin. I don't know if it was the game itself, the wine or the fact that I was getting tired but I could NOT grasp it. HA! He tried diligently for about an hour to teach me and then we gave up and curled up to watch TV. And yeah, that's my Friday in a nutshell. :)

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Gosh, all your meals just look delicious!


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