Monday, October 19, 2009

Play it again Sam.

Well hello there. How goes it? Well I hope. My day was not too shabby. I did sleep like poop again though and I was having CRAZY dreams! I dreamed that Ann and I were at work and for some odd reason, we decided to go a bar at 11:00 AM because we were upset about something at work! We ended up at some tiny little hole in the wall and before you know it, Ann was drunk. Then her boyfriend called and she disappeared into the bathroom to talk. She left me to guard her purse which seemed unnaturally MASSIVE. I got super angry and kept waiting, and waiting, and guarding our purses and our seats. It was almost as if I was TRAPPED there with the purse. The purse and Ann were EVIL in some way and I was sad and annoyed. I actually got so angry that it woke me up pissed off at Ann. HAHAHAHA! I have the strangest dreams.

When I got to work I decided to have cracked wheat for breakfast instead of oats. BIG MISTAKE!
  • They overflowed in the microwave.
  • They refused to soak up all the water, even though I didn't add too much.
  • They were somewhat chewy.
  • Flavor was just okay. Sort of bland even with cinnamon.

I do like them mixed with oats, but no so much alone. DULY NOTED!

Oh well. Moving on. Look at what my awesome friend and coworker Lum brought in to work for me and Ann today!!! The bag was so full and heavy with delectable Asian pears that it ripped her bag. She visited the orchard she just discovered again this past weekend and Ann and I asked her to pick us up a bag. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I love these round little bundles of juicy joy.

For lunch I had a salad again. I'm obsessed with them anymore. I made it with organic spring mix, chick peas, melba bagel crisps, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes and spray butter. Yep, I still love it!

I finally tried a flavored Chobani. I had it as my afternoon snack. I tried the strawberry and I thought it was yummy! Clean and fresh. Just lovely.

UPDATE: I got my mp3 player back. It was placed inside a white envelope after it was turned in and no one thought to look inside of it. I played the heck out of it at the gym to make up for last Thursday. I find it hard to do cardio without music! :)

After an hour long cardio induced sweat session at the gym, I came home and was STARVING! I cleaned myself up real quick and started on dinner. I decided to make turkey burgers and roasted veggies. The veggies would take a while and I was starving so I grabbed an Asian pear to nibble on while I waited. I sprinkled some cinnamon on it and devoured it very excitedly in a matter of minutes. YEAH! I felt COMPELLED to have one. I mean look at them all. So pretty. :)

About 30 minutes later the kitchen smelled amazing. I love roasted veggies SO much!

I started cooking the burgers because I knew the veggies would be done soon. They only took a few minutes on each side.

Everything turned out fantastic. I ate mine on an english muffin and topped it with spring mix, onion, fat free cheese, ketchup and mustard. SO GOOD!

I also enjoyed this diet juice from Welch's. Tasty! I love anything cherry flavored.

Nick kept jumping around telling me that he had something exciting for us to watch later. OHHH WHAT IS IT? TELL ME... TELL ME NOW!!! He made me wait till dinner was done though, and then VERY excitedly pressed play. OMG! OMG! OMG! It was (BSG, The Plan). For you non super nerds, BSG stands for Battlestar Galactica. Soon after I met Nick we started watching the entire show from the older seasons till the very last episode. I was completely addicted! We watched it EVERY SINGLE day till there was nothing left to watch. We were both very sad when it was all over with so this new "tie it all together", "fill in a few of the blanks" type movie was PURE JOY OVERLOAD!

It ended at 11:30, thus explaining my super late blog post. And now I'm very tired and my eyes feel heavy. I'm out of here. Goodnight! I'm going to regret this. It's 12:30 now. :-O


Chou said...

My cracked wheat always does some sort of growing overflowing dance when I cook it, too. Bah.

Tamar1973 said...

I love Asian pears, too. I have a couple of Asian pear recipes on my youtube channel.

Simply Life said...

Oh no! I hate it when things explode in the microwave and that happens to me too often at work! :) Your meals looks absolutely delicious!


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