Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deep thoughts on a Tuesday...

So I slept well last night. So well in fact that I woke up at 8:00!! What time am I supposed to get to work you ask? Why 8:00 silly!! I violently sat up in bed thinking OH CRAP and somehow threw myself together in 10 minutes and was walking into work by 8:30. Don't ask me how this is possible because I have NO EXPLANATION! I was having weird dreams last night too. I was dreaming about smack talking tennis pros who wanted nothing more then to harass me and to play against me. Steffi Graf was talking junk and I could hear Jennifer Capriati grunting like an animal in the background. Stefi was getting all hyped up and wanted me to play against (this makes NO sense) Emma Thompson. Then all three of them started talking smack to me while twirling their rackets in their hands and I woke up. Now PLEASE tell me, what the heck does that mean? HA! I didn't even remember what my dream was till just now. Strange. Sometimes I wonder if my dreams mean anything. And if so, what the hot heck did that one mean?

I pondered this DEEPLY while I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a hot bowl of oats, dried cranberries, dried cherries, cinnamon and a banana.

I finished the bowl but came up with no answer. My mind was wandering all over the place today. It was creeping and crawling all over itself with ideas. About the stupid, the random, the minuscule. Like, what exactly do I want to be for Halloween? I thought zombie, but now I'm thinking maybe a vampire. Or maybe a dead bride. Then my mind wandered to new recipe ideas. Then to new ways of making food healthy. Then to movies I want to watch and to how to push myself harder at the gym. Then to Nick. :) I could not FOCUS on anything. Have you ever had a day like this? AHHHHHHHH. I did manage to get my work done though! By the time I looked up at the clock, it was 12:30. WHOAH. That went by fast. I quickly grabbed my lunch, which was duh-lici-OH-so-good.

It was a flat out wrap made with leftover veggies from the fajitas I made last night and some raw slaw mix. I also ate the veggies that I couldn't fit into the wrap on the side. MM MM GOOD!

At lunch we visited the costume shop again. Ann has an early party to go to this weekend and has yet to get a costume, or even an idea of what exactly she wants to be. SHE DOES THIS EVERY YEAR! HEY ANN... I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS! I HATE YOU! HA! While we were there those voodoo thoughts of not being sure about my zombie idea came gushing back. I still plan to do the makeup like I had planned so no money lost there. I guess I'm just not sure of the "attire". UNDECIDED ANN tried on 3 outfits. A clown, Freddy Krueger and a Nurse. Yeah, she is all over the place like that. She has no idea what to be. I tried on three vampire style dresses as well. One of them looked good but because of their no return policy, I decided to hold off. We plan to go to another costume shop tomorrow and I wanted to make sure they didn't have anything better. MIND YOU, I may still opt to go to the Thrift store and buy some generic outfit to cut up and toss blood all over and be a zombie. DECISIONS... DECISIONS...!

For my afternoon snack I had a plain Oikos Greek yogurt with strawberries. Yep, I still love this stuff!!

It was off to the gym after work for back and biceps day. It felt like a good workout today. We busted out the moves in about 1:20 and I was feeling energetic the whole time. And get this..... I've already had 100 ounces of water today. YAY FOR ME! YOU LOSE ELUSIVE WATER BOTTLE! YOU LOSE!!!

For dinner I decided to make roasted vegetables. Brussel sprouts, baby carrots, zucchini and yellow squash.

Yep, they turned out SUPER! I also made a Flat Out wrap with spinach and leftover chicken from last night. I also drizzled some of this hot mustard on the wrap. I love this stuff.


For a little snack later I had some red grapes and a chocolate brownie ZBar with raspberry tea. Uhm, I've never had a ZBar before. It was just okay. Ann loves them but I've had better. Don't get me wrong. It was good, but I was expecting something amazing... Maybe next time I will microwave it for 15 seconds like Ann suggested.

Well, that's it folks. My day in a nutshell. Enjoy the rest of your night! I have to go cuddle up with this sexy little critter next to me. ;)


Janetha said...

your cat is a sweetie. that mustard sauce looks tasty and that wrap.. YES. lovely. dude, oversleeping gives me the worst anxiety all day. i feel all flustered. and i wish there were such thing as dream recorders so i could watch all the effed up shit i dream about over and over. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! and halloween.. damnit.. it is so soon. i hope i can figure out what to beee. have a happy wednesday babushka!

Ms Bibi said...

Read your post, enjoyed it a lot and then thought to myself, crap...I forgot to order my son's Halloween costume.

Anonymous said...

My parents are from Trinidad, so I grew up making that mustard sauce from scratch. Glad that you like it!


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