Monday, October 5, 2009

Freak Fest!

Ooooh it's Monday. Boogedy Booo. I'm scared! However, the second I turned my computer on this morning my stress level and fear plummeted along with my rapid heartbeat. Emails weren't bad at all. IT'S A MIRACLE I TELL YOU.... A MIRACLE! I had a blast hanging with our friends last night. Nick won at Settlers Of Catan. Again! I WAS ONE FLIP OF A CARD AWAY FROM VICTORY AND MY TURN WAS RIGHT AFTER HIS! I was robbed! ROBBED!

His brother Dan showed up last night with the art piece I purchased in June that I haven't had a chance to pick up yet. It was on rotation at art exhibits till the end of July. I have no excuses. We haven't had a reason or a chance to go to Canton for some time and I just never went to get it. I met the artist and we've hung out in groups a few times. She's lovely. It's officially hanging up in the bedroom now in all it's glory. Something drew me to this piece and I just had to have it. I don't have anything that even REMOTELY resembles this piece in my collection. It's called The Empress. She looked snotty, picky, rude, prissy and brilliant to me. She looks strong!

We also received our official invite to the "First Annual Church Manor Costume Soiree" in a creepy black envelope. His friends Meg and Rob Church are having a supposedly AWESOME Halloween bash on the 31st. I AM SO EXCITED! I GET TO BE A ZOMBIE! OMG! Nick is going to be a Zombie as well but I will not tell you who he plans to portray. It will ruin the surprise and his brilliant plan. I'm not going as anyone in particular. Just a lovely flesh eating dead lady smothered in blood and scabs. YEAH! Check out this SWEET invite. (I smeared out the address, of course...)

Meg and Rob are super big on theme parties. We're talking stupid ones at that. Such as the Annual Puppy Bowl (they all bring their dogs), Mars Lunar Landing Party, Blizzard Scrabble Party, Halloween in August Party, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party etc... I bet the house will be all decked out in decor and costumes are a MUST so I'm truly very hyped up about this! I love Halloween dang it!

Ok, enough rambling. Now on to the food. For breakfast today I enjoyed a nice warm bowl of old fashioned oats with pumpkin pie spice, dried cherries and a banana. YUM.

Lunch was also very simple. I had a nice crisp apple with yet another black bean burger on an Arnold Sandwich Thin bun. It may look boring but it tastes delicious!

Then it was off to the huge costume shop (Halloween USA) down the street to get into the spirit of the season. All this talk of dressing up had me wanting to go check this place out. We go every year, just for fun. And fun we had. HAHAHAHA! Lots of pictures are about to follow. I apologize.

And finally, just for Nick, the Burger King KING made an appearance. :) I was creeping around in this mask for a bit and loving it.

Then it was back to work. My afternoon snack was the ever trustworthy Oikos plain Greek yogurt with a handful of grapes. Yep. I still love this stuff. Not sick of it yet.

We were able to leave work on time and headed to the gym for the very dreaded Cardio Day. DA DA DAAAA!!!!!! I was feeling pumped though. Not sure why but I'll just focus on the fact that I WAS feeling good about it and was ready to go go go.... We were there for about 1:20 and then called it quits.

For dinner today I made TWO different dishes? NICK IS SO LUCKY! I SPOIL HIM! I baked him a double breaded, skin on, bone in chicken breast and olive oil smothered herb potato wedges. It smelled amazing but there was no way that I was touching that stuff! So for me I made a healthy wrap with a pan seared skinless boneless chicken breast, sweet butter lettuce, fat free swiss cheese, tomato and avocado in a Flat Out wrap. I enjoyed the portion that I couldn't squeeze into the wrap on the side. I knew there was no reason for jealousy as soon as I took my first bite. AHH-MAH-ZING! We were both making ohhh and ahhhh noises while eating. Me with my delicious wrap and him with his hot sauce smothered "bad for you" chicken. Oh sweet harmony of flavors. It was a symphony I tell you!

With a full tummy and a smile on my face, I now bid you a goodnight! I SAID GOODNIGHT! ;)

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