Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girlie night!

Happy Tuesday! Today flew by! I was up late and had a hard time sleeping through the night. In my light comatose state today the hours have just been flying by. I was so tired in fact that I lovingly packed my breakfast, lunch and gym bag this morning and realized I forgot my tennis shoes when I was down the street from work. Good times, good times!

Now on to the meals. Breakfast today was yet another mushy mix of the good ole trusted old fashioned oats. I added a banana, cinnamon and some fat free strawberry jam. I swirled my spoon around in the tasty aromatic goo with bulging, excited, tired little eyes. I woke up starving! Oh I love you oats. You complete me. Well..... In the least you complete my nutritional morning breakfast needs. ;)

Lunch was also tasty. I had a chicken lunch meat and sweet butter lettuce La Tortilla wrap with a very crisp and sweet Asian pear on the side. Oh man. This pear was so good. Courtesy of my lovely coworker friend Lum. She put a bunch out in the kitchen for people to take. THANKS LUM!

LUNCH SUCKED! I spent it driving home to pick up my stupid tennis shoes so I could go to the gym right after work without losing any time. That's dedication right? HA! Then it was back to work.

My afternoon snack was AMAZING! It was a Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick bar. It tasted just like a thin mint girl scout cookie. I SWEAR! I WILL be buying this again.

We left work on time again today (score!!!) and got to the gym in record time for back and biceps day. HEY EVERYONE! MY BICEPS ARE GETTING STRONGER! I SWEAR! It's so exciting!!! I'm also starting to see some slight definition on my arms. Nothing to brag about but it's there I promise. HA! Workout was good!

I got home and Nick was visiting a friend so I had the house to myself for a while. GIRLIE NIGHT, YEAH! I don't think it's wrong to miss a little alone time sometimes. I don't get much of it that's for sure. Nick knows I love him though. :)

I relaxed in a nice long bath (muscles ached like crazy) and then hung out with the cat for a bit (while watching recorded episodes of What Not To Wear by candlelight). Total chick paradise I tell you. HA! THE CAT WAS ALL OVER ME! I think he gets jealous of Nick sometimes. Stupid cat. I LOVE YOUR FLUFFY WUFFY BUBBLE BUTT SO MUCH! MUEW MUEW! I distracted him with some catnip just long enough to leave the room and grab my HUGE bag of yarn. Tis the season to start making some hats and scarves again! I made a few last year and they turned out pretty decent. It was only the second time I attempted to crochet. I don't have pictures of my best ones. I gave them to Ann last Christmas. :)

Ok, I'm getting distracted again. Time to make dinner. I decided to make more chicken. I love chicken soough much! Nick is sick of it so I took advantage of him being out and cooked some up just for me. Just for my special evening alone. On the side I enjoyed a nice sweet potato and small salad. Tasty tasty....

Now it's time to attempt another scarf AND of course, watch So You Think You Can Dance. It's the last day of auditions before Vegas week and I can barely stand it!!!! Goodnight everyone. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday evening! :)

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Janetha said...

i have GOT to learn to crochet! i want to make beanies. you are good! i have been eyeing that luna, i am still skeptical. hooray for bicep strength!


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