Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Why hello there. Hope you're all doing well. I'm doing fantastically-amazingly-super-duperous! why? Here is why....

a. had 8 hours of sleep last night... CHECK!
b. packed my gym bag and food last night to avoid insanity this morning... CHECK!
c. Remembered my tennis shoes this time... CHECK!
d. Getting caught up at work... CHECK!
e. Work was nice and quiet today... CHECK!
f. All the food I had today was tasty tasty... CHECK
g. The sun actually made an appearance in sad and dreary Ohio today... CHECK!
h. Got to leave work for a FUN break today... CHECK!
i. Watched a good movie... CHECK!
j. Had a simple, no fuss and quick dinner... CHECK!

Blah blah blah. Enough of all this joy already aye? Apologies... Here is how my day went down in more detail. With pictures no less. WOW! Amazing huh? Okay, okay, here we go. Do try and calm down.

Breakfast was chocolate oats with dried cranberries, unsweetened coco, pumpkin pie spice and a banana. Ohhhh sooooo tasteeeee in my tummy, oh yeah. It was cold in the office today so I also enjoyed two cups of coffee. Yeah, I'm a rebel like that!

For lunch I had BREAKFAST FOOD! I made it last night and it was glorious! I made an egg white scramble with green peppers, green onions and tomato. I also had an english muffin on the side. Man oh man, this was such a good plan. I was full for ever and loved every single bite.

For our break today we ran to Famous Footwear, spent MAYBE 4 minutes in there, decided the place was crazy overpriced and walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond. We got a free massage because they made the mistake of putting out some shiatsu massage chairs to "test" in the main isle. We sat there for EVER. It felt amazing. I also got myself a little treat. A shaker cup. SO FANCY. Now I'm hip and cool just like all the other healthy kids. HA!

For an afternoon snack I had just a plain Oikos yogurt. No fruit, no granola. Nothing. And you know what? It was so good all by itself. Look at how thick this stuff is. I LOVE IT!

We worked our shoulders today and also did some cardio. We were somewhat rudely interrupted by this new member (we call him Fabio) in the free weight room. Yeah sure, greasy macho man, come invade the space we were using, take over the machine and do your thing. We don't mind at all. JERK! Ann and I loudly voiced our opinions, you know, in Hungarian....HA.... Lucky for him we were wrapping things up back there anyways. Then we did 30 minutes of cardio and about 10-15 minutes of abs. DONE and DONE!

For dinner I made two open face sandwiches. I used an English Muffin, a chicken breast cut in half, swiss cheese and some lettuce. I also made some green beans with dried cranberries and spray butter on the side. Yep, it was good!

After dinner we curled up to watch 9. Nick downloaded it while I was at the gym. I liked it. Very interesting and visual. Good stuff.

Okay, now it's late so BYYYEEEE!

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Janetha said...

sounds like a totally successful day! hooray! your green beans with cranberries look so dank. yum.


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