Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hello beautiful people. I hope you're all doing well. I'm having a fantastic day. you will soon find out why. Before I start rambling on about ridiculous things, let's discuss food shall we?

Breakfast was the usual, with a twist. I had a bowl of old fashioned oats.
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • handful of golden raisins
  • dash pumpkin pie spice
  • dash cinnamon
  • Splenda
  • a medium peeled, cored and diced Asian pear

I liked it. I still have more pears than I know what to do with so I need to add them in where ever possible. I'm hip to this game. Nothing better then a food challenge I dare say! Can Ildie use them all up before they go bad???? YES SHE CAN! HA! I plan to do some sort of a healthy dessert bake this weekend to use up most of them.

My lunch today was a lovely apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a black bean burger on an english muffin with some spring mix lettuce. Tasty stuff. Every time I microwave one of these patties at work my coworkers come nosing around the kitchen. "OHHHHH what do you have there?" "Smells so good!!!" So of course I repeat the brand and the variety with great vigor and excitement. Sharing the love of fabulous Morning Star Farms is all in a good days work. I LOVE THE BRAND!

Now for the MOST IMPORTANT part of my day today. Ann and I ventured to the mall down the street. We were on a MISSION to find a dress, or something, anything, that I could wear on Halloween. My rabid, infected, lab made zombie in a hospital gown idea was clearly crumbling.... As I mentioned before, I had high hopes for the idea but the gowns I was able to get my hands on were hideous. As in hideous ON ME! I needed to find option "B" and I needed to find it FAST!

We decided to hit up Macy's. I must have tried on at least 10 dresses! I got lucky and they had 65%-80% clearance racks full of stuff. I almost, ALMOST decided to buy a strapless white one. The mental image I had of it being smothered in blood was brilliant. The fit wasn't bad, but it could have been better. Then wouldn't you know it, the very last dress I tried on was magnificent! It fit perfectly, was super flattering and it's also black and white so the blood will still be visible. Now I know what you're thinking. This crazy lady is going to buy a new dress and throw blood and crap all over it. Here is the thing though. It wouldn't matter if I got a costume, pants and a shirt or a dress. I'm still losing weight so any one of those items would be too big in a few months anyways. Well this dress BETTER be too big in a few months! :)

I FEEL SO TRIUMPHANT AND ACCOMPLISHED! I was starting to panic. This party is going to be huge and I wanted to make sure my costume was perfect. And now it will be! DONE AND DONE! WHEW!

When I got back to work I celebrated with a second cup of coffee and this decadent little treat. Plain Oikos again drowning in cinnamon.

I introduced Ann to the addition of cinnamon today. She loved it and got all lippy like I had been keeping something amazing from her. I've been telling her all along how good it is. You're CRAZY ANN! And you have selective hearing as well!! I love you! SISTERS FOR LIFE!!!

The gym today just felt BLAH to me. I don't think either of us wanted to be there. We got it all done though. We worked our shoulders and did cardio and were there for about an hour. I guess I can't LOVE being at the gym every day. As long as I like it enough to keep going though, I'm happy. It's sort of a love hate thing. I don't always want to go, but I'm loving the results so trust me, I'll keep going.

For dinner the pumpernickel trance grabbed a hold of me again. I made grilled cheese with it and it was delicious! Who knew right? I made it with fat free American slices and had a nice warm of tomato soup on the side. Simple, old school, warm, comforting and yummy. Can't complain!

Yeah..... Today was a good day.... Goodnight!

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