Sunday, October 4, 2009

Egg addict!

Why hello there. How's life? Full of flavor, spice, variety, excitement and lots of love I hope. Today has been a great day and a great way to end the week. It started out with a cup of coffee and then I spent about two hours cleaning. Don't you worry, I ENJOY cleaning. Ahhh, the smell of Windex and Pledge in the morning is SO delightful. :)

After cleaning I enjoyed a second cup of coffee and made this amazing egg white, green onion and tomato omelet/scramble. Not sure what to call it. All I know is that I LOVE eggs and that it was delicious. I also had a toasted Arnold Sandwich Thin on the side with a little spray butter. My taste buds and tummy were so happy. YEAH! I'm pretty sure that I'm an official egg addict. I could eat them every day. And sometimes I do too. I DOOOO!!!!

This thing was rotting next to me the whole time. SO CUTE. YET SO MEAN! It's very much a love hate relationship with me and Oliver!

After breakfast I decided to clean the bathroom. I guess the tasty food gave me more energy!!! As much as I love cleaning, I hate cleaning my tub. It's a huge, extra deep jacuzzi tub. I basically have to climb inside of it to reach all the areas that need cleaned. UGH. Wet feet + stinky soft scrub bleach = unhappy Ildie. After I finished I was happy I did it though. It was sparkling, clean and super shiny. YEAH FOR A CLEAN HOUSE! YEAH!

Then I cleaned up and got dressed to go visit my Mama and Papa. As usual I took my own food so I could be in full control of what I'm eating. I decided to have a shrimp salad. I haven't had shrimp in a while. No idea why either because I absolutely LOVE the stuff! I sauteed the shrimp in a little soy, garlic powder and cayenne. I made my salad with sweet butter lettuce, green onions, sliced tomato, black beans, Melba bagel crisps and then I tossed the shrimp on top. I also drizzled some sweet honey ginger dressing on it. MMMMMM. OMG it was SO good. ;)

After lunch we played a few COMPETITIVE rounds of Sorry and Yahtzee and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. Do I drink too much coffee???

My visit ended at about 5:30 and then I came home to relax for a bit with Mr. Kitty and Mr. Wonderful. We had planed to go bowling later with his friends but that didn't work out. They all work at a Tattoo Shop and they ended up staying open till 8:00 instead of 6:00. Instead they decided to come over to our place after they closed the shop up. I was excited. His friend Blair has been working on a re-design for my shoulder tattoo for some time now. It curenlty consists of coral, waves and cherry blossoms. I like it but it just looks incomplete somehow. I don't plan to make it bigger (don't worry Papa). I just want to make it look a bit more put together and thought out. Blair is an amazing Tattoo artist and I trust him completely. I'm sure what ever he came up with will be brilliant!

I needed a quick and easy dinner that I could whip up quickly since I came home with leftovers from my Mama for Nick. I decided to have a black bean burger on an English muffin with a small side salad and some red grapes. I just used a couple of squirts of ranch dressing on the salad. Simple and tasty!

I was craving something sweet later so I made a nice cup of raspberry zinger tea and had that with some chocolate animal crackers. YEAH. Tasty stuff. I wasn't able to take a picture because my batteries died! Stupid un-chargeable camera! Plus our friends are here now anyways and it's time to play some Catan. So goodnight everyone. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night.

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