Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Germans got me!

Hi everyone! I'm posting yesterdays post this morning instead of last night. You'll see why below. :)

Hope your day yesterday went well. Mine was just lovely. The sun was out again. Looks like a mini Indian Summer may be upon us and I'm enjoying every second of it. I was almost hot in my coat! Can you believe it?

For breakfast I tried a new variation of my new favorite combo. Asian pear with lite laughing cow cheese. This time I sliced the pears super thin and rolled them into a Flat Out that was already smothered with a wedge of laughing cow cheese, splenda and cinnamon. OMG! So good! People in the kitchen kept watching what I was doing. I'm not sure if they thought it looked good or if i was crazy. I didn't care either way. I was on a mission! Another winner wrap. I'll put anything in a wrap at least once to try it!

I then caught up on my blog reading. My fave of course being the lovely Janetha. She was hosting an awesome ***giveaway*** which I entered EVER so eagerly. ;)

For lunch I decided to indulge myself in a veggie overload. I brought in the leftover roasted veggies from Monday night and nuked them. I then tossed them on top of a bed of spring mix lettuce. Weird I know but it tasted delicious.

For our lunch we made the now biweekly pilgrimage to SUPER Walmart. I was dangerously low on Oikos. I NEEDED A FIX! We made trip there and back in no time. Why? Because I drove, not Grandma Annie!

For my afternoon snack had this lovely and delicious apple.

Then we were off to the gym for back and biceps day. We left work just five minutes early and I swear it made all the difference on the highways. We were there by 15 after. We busted out our reps and sets in what seemed like warp speed and I was at home by 6:30. WOW! This never happens.

Once I got home I was rushing around like a maniac. We were meeting some friends in Canton at the Geisen Haus for food, beer and festivities. They have great German food but I of course would NOT be eating there. Would I have beer? I make NO promises!! I cleaned myself up and then decided to make a quick egg white omelet for dinner. I used 4 egg whites, 2 green onions, some green peppers and a little tomato. I also added two slices of fat free American cheese to the mix. It was done in no time. I topped it off with some hot mango habanero salsa. Done and done.

I also consumed this banana before we left and packed some "just in case I get tempted" emergency snacks in my purse.

And then we were off. As soon as we walked out, we realized that neither one of us had KEYS! ***SIGH***! So to my amazement and HORROR, Nick grabbed a small gardening shovel from the garage (which was already open) and used it to BREAK INTO OUR HOUSE! I will not elaborate on the HOW in case people that know where I live are reading this. HAHAHA! I need a steel side door. This has now become painfully CLEAR!

And then we were off, again! We met a large group of our friends. I tell you, magic happens as soon as you enter that place!!!! Before I knew it this lovely thing appeared before me and it tasted delicious! Dangerously delicious! It was their German Haus Ale. MM MM GOOD! And a pitcher was only $5 till 9:00 PM and only $9 after. Ridiculous I tell you!

So basically, I was naughty last night! I had way too much beer for a Tuesday evening!!! I had a blast though! We got home at around midnight and I needed my fluffy bed immediately. Which would be the reason why I am posting this now instead of last night.

So uhm yeah, that was my Tuesday. Hope yours was fun as well. Bye for now. Be back later tonight for the usual evening post!

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Emily@marvelousrecipes.net said...

Sounds like you have a marvelously good time! And I loved all the foodies especially the pear wrap! Glad I found you! :)


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