Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Tale of Tilapia

Did you miss me? It's okay, you can tell me the truth. I'm good with secrets. Also, I'm good at lying. I just lied. See how I did that? Amazing right? Uh oh, I'm rambling! Today was sort of all over the place. Busy, stressful, annoying, fun, irritating, tiring and most importantly, delicious! Let's start with the eats shall we?


For breakfast I enjoyed another tempting and delectable mix of flavors. So basically, I had the exact same thing I had yesterday morning. An English Muffin, a wedge of lite laughing cow cheese and a pear. Why? Because I am IN LOVE with this stuff. However, TRAGEDY HIT while I was in the middle of prepping it. I almost wept when I realized that I forgot to bring in cinnamon. NOOOOO!!!!! Surprisingly, it was still tasty. But deep, deep down inside my whimpering little heart I just knew, that with a dash of cinnamon love, it would have been even better. Of course I also had a large cup of coffee.

Lunch on the other hand was perfect. I had a nice salad with sweet butter lettuce, spinach, black beans, Melba bagel crisps, tomato, green onions, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and a little spray butter instead of dressing. Yeah, I know, weird right. I DON'T CARE. It was super tasty. And without dressing I can enjoy all the flavors of the different veggies. I may have moaned while eating it. I'm not sure. I was really into it.

For our break today we once again put on our brave suits and ventured to crazy land. So in other words we went to Marc's. Man oh man, I LOATHE this place, but they had some good deals going on so we forced it. After wandering through the scary isles, over the mountain of boxes and through the crowds of vicious and angry elders, we picked up the few things we needed and got the hot heck out of there. WHEW!

For my afternoon snack I had a plain Oikos Green yogurt with some fat free blackberry jam. Never tried this before but I enjoyed it. I bet it would taste fantastic with apricot jam. It's my favorite! I should buy some more soon! I'm all out!!

We busted out out workout in about an hour today. YEAH! It seemed to go by quickly. Which is always good. We worked our shoulders and then did some cardio. I felt good afterwards. I never blog about what I actually do at the gym. Should I? As in reps and sets. Seems like my blogs are long enough. Perhaps it would make it too long if I got specific? I don't know. I will think about it.

For dinner I decided to make Tilapia. I breaded up Nicks and just seasoned mine with Creole seasoning, dill, black pepper and cayenne. They turned out so tasty. I love Tilapia!!! I also made instant mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli on the side. I enjoyed every last bite. Tasty tasty!

And now I'm off. Have a goodnight everyone.

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