Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi everyone. Don't you just love Sundays? Ann I spend every Sunday relaxing at home in the mornings and then visiting the folks in the afternoon. It's always a nice way to end the week. Today was an extra special Sunday because we were celebrating their 36th Anniversary. Those two little cute and crazy critters. Always bickering and giving each other sass and attitude. We all know it's done out of love. Deep rooted and highly INSANE love.

I kept breakfast simple and low calorie today. I knew I'd be having a bigger lunch then usual at their place and I didn't want to overdue it. I had a nice cup of coffee, a banana and an English muffin with spray butter, cinnamon and a dash of Splenda. I used to eat toast English muffins like this all the time but it's been a while. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. YUM!

After breakfast I rushed around getting things ready. I had to meet Ann and to finish up some last minute things before we were due for ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY! I was out the door by 10:50. I got to Ann's apartment and quickly had to snap a picture of sexy kitty. HA!

Then we were off to pick up some fresh flowers for Mama. We sped the whole way there and damn near SPRINTED through the store. We were trying to outrun an obvious storm that was brewing in the distance. Somehow we were back at her place by 11:30. We arranged the flowers in the pretty little pitcher vase we purchased, gathered all the food and the nice bottle of Captain Morgan for my Papa and rushed over there. Once we arrived their obvious joy to see me was painfully evident. I know I'm the favorite. They keep denying it but deep, deep down in my soul, I sense it. No words are needed. HA! Just kidding Ann.

We turned on the grill, prepped the kabobs and got the grillin party rolling. Of course I was in charge as usual. Look at me go... They turned out so good!

By the way, here are the flowers we got for mama. I love lilies and this color combo.

Here are the flowers my Papa got for Mama. Not bad, not bad! :)

Here was my portion. About 75% vegetables and 25% chicken. 100% delicious! YEAH!

For dessert we skewered up some freshly cut pineapple chunks and tossed them on the grill for a few minutes. Wile I was grilling them Ann scooped some low calorie, fat free vanilla ice cream out for the three of them. I didn't want any "extras" with the pineapple so I passed on the ice cream as well. (YOU GO ILDIE... WAY TO HAVE SELF CONTROL... YEAH!) I just planned to have mine with a bit of fat free whip. And you know what? It was delicious!

After dessert we gave them another cheesy present along with a card. And by cheesy present I mean a new game to drive each other insane with. Yahtzee!! HAHAHA! Mama couldn't WAIT to get her hands on it. She tried to chew through the box. Slow down crazy lady. You'll get to plan soon enough.

We also cracked open a bottle of wine. AW SNAP! WINE TIME! I love wine so much! It was delicious! :)

It was at about this time that Ann snapped a picture of herself. I guess I forgot to get in any of the pictures I took. HA!

After reading the directions THOROUGHLY, we played a couple rounds. I didn't win a single time...UGH!

Before we knew it, it was 5:00 pm. Where DID this day go???? So we hugged, kissed and said our goodbyes and took our happy little buts home. What fun!

When I got home I found Nick on his computer doing what he does best with his friend. Killing critters and creatures with conniving and deceptive team effort. And of course as usual when I'm not home, he forgot to eat. Lucky for him I had leftovers from lunch. He ate it all in a matter of minutes. Poor guy must have been starving. I'm not surprised though. His version of "cooking" is making a bowl of cereal or Ramen soup in the microwave. :)

My dinner was simple since I was HAPPY not to have to cook. I microwaved a black bean burger with Swiss cheese and had it on an English muffin. I also had a small side salad and some left over brussel sprouts and mushrooms from last night. Simple and good. These Morning Star Farms black bean burgers are SUPER GOOD! Try one!

And that it's my friends. My day in a nutshell. Now it's sleepy time so goodnight. :)

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Janetha said...

yeah i love cinnamon toast! cute kitty. GORG flowers and yummy grilled eats! looked like a great celebration :)


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