Thursday, September 10, 2009

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I'm currently being laughed at by my boyfriend Nick. He ways laying on me and I made him move so that I could get some blogin on because this was IMPORTANT! I've now been curled up on the couch with my laptop for about thirty minutes. He just looked over at the screen and all I've written is *My breakfast today*. That's it!! Thirty minutes and that's all I came up with. Apparently this was hilarious because he couldn't stop laughing. So I thought, HEY, I can write about that to get the ball rolling.

My breakfast today (ha) was coco and cinnamon flavored oats with a banana. Ohhh, it was tasty. A mushy mess of deliciousness. The coffee also tasted extra delicious today for some reason. MM!!

For lunch I had an eclectic mix of leftovers and such. I had the green bean and cranberry mixture from yesterday with some chick peas and rolled up turkey lunch meat. As odd as it was, it was also oddly delicious.

For our break today Ann and I visited the Farm again. I took my camera this time. I love this place. I got a pile of fresh veggies and fruit for a whopping $6.25. Ridiculous.... Ridiculously awesome that is!

For an afternoon snack I had a kiwi with and a plum. I'm on a real kiwi kick lately. So tasty.

At the gym today Ann I were less motivated then usual. I think she was wanting to go home earlier to celebrate her boyfriends B'day and I knew I had to run some errands afterwards. Somehow there just didn't seem to be enough time squeeze in the gym but we forced it. We were there for just under an hour. It was to be cardio, abs and shoulder day. We skipped shoulders though and called it a day a bit early. We're such bad ass rebels! I'm sure if I step on the scale tomorrow morning and don't see what I like, I'll blame not staying over as one of the many things on the (what could have caused this list). OH WEIGH IN TOMORROW! I'm scared. Wish me LUCK!

For dinner Nick had chili, yes, chili again! I made so much of it that he just keeps eating it. Which is good. This means I can eat what I want and not fuss with a very serious dinner. So I decided to make pancakes. I made the mix by using my usual recipe but I added a banana, a 1/2 cup of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. OH MY, it was delicious. It was super moist from the banana and the pumpkin. Almost like creamy sweet bread. I topped it with syrup and consumed it like I was getting paid for it. Not that I need to be paid for it. I would eat it for free, all day, every day.

I also tried Dasani Black Cherry water for the first time. Not sure why I keep trying flavored waters. None taste all that great to me. Not bad but I wouldn't buy it again.

Now it's time for more HOUSE M.D. so I'm out of here. Have a goodnight. ;)

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