Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Happy Hump Day everyone. Hope you're all doing well on this fantastically breezy and sunny Wednesday. Fall is in the air already. Can you smell it? Us Ohioans suck in every moment we can before it disappears into the WHITE ABYSS that is Winter. Fall around these parts lasts 2-3 weeks, I swear. Just as you realize the leaves are changing, you blink and the trees are bare and snow is around the corner. WHITE DEATH! I HATE YOU SO MUCH! Well I should elaborate, I HATE driving in snow. Stress and fear induced, sweaty handed, hyperventilating panic attacks rule my winters. BAH! With Nick's advice, I plan to invest in some snow tires this season. Expensive? Yes! Safety comes first? YEEEES!

For breakfast today I had a bowl of the very typical yet delicious mushy mess of oats, cinnamon, splenda and banana. Warmth and coziness in a bowl. How splendidly brilliant! I bet I will eat this a lot more as the temperatures start to cool.

All this talk of Fall and cool weather makes me think of pumpkin carving. Now I'm no pro but I want to challenge myself this year! I plan to try and duplicate one or all of the pictures below. Aren't they AMAZING!

For lunch today I decided to microwave some broccoli. I guess this was a bad decision? I think some people in the office were not too pleased with my choices. HA! I purchased one of those microwavable bags last Friday and I was worried about it going bad so I brought it in to work. I had that with a sandwich I made with Arnold's Sandwich Thins, spinach and turkey. I guess as soon as I walked down the hall with my plate, doors were being closed, windows were opening and murmurs and laughter filled the air. HA! I eat healthy damn it and sometimes it stinks. As one coworker put it, it stinks like wet grass. HA! VEGETABLE HATERS!

My pre-workout afternoon snack was the ALWAYS amazing plain Oiko's Greek yogurt with yet another scrumptious Kashi granola bar. The cherry dark chocolate variety. I didn't think it was possible to improve upon the version I had yesterday with the trail mix granola, but... but it was. IT WAS! I also had a second cup of coffee. I thought I would try black. Uhm, I NEED CREAMER!

We worked the legs, shoulders and abs at the gym today. We usually do this on Saturdays but Annie-boo-boo has plans. We pumped, pushed and squatted till our tired little legs gave out and then we waddled home.

For dinner I decided to make pancakes using the usual recipe and adding a small banana and some sugar free applesauce. It was tasty and moist. I topped it with sugar free syrup and devoured it.

For a bit of a snack later I decided to have coco roast almonds, grapes, and some Melba bagel crisps with blackberry tea. This was my first time having the coco almonds, OMG, so good!!!!!!

Now it's time to watch some more House MD. I wish I could say I was watching my recorded "So you think you can dance" episode. However, I'm pretty sure that Nick would rather self mutilate his own eyes with a dull kitchen knife and pour acid into his ears then ever watch one with me. So I will hopefully get to watch it tomorrow. CUZ I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THAT THE NEW SEASON IS ALREADY BACK!! I think the break between seasons 5 and 6 was only a month and a half. HA!

Ok, enough giddy excitement, goodnight.

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Chow and Chatter said...

what a detailed food diary but yummy all the same love the pumpkin pic


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