Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surveys give me SASS!

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. Today has been another busy day in the life of this sassy little blogger. Work kept me busy and the day just flew by. Of course I had enough time to stop and enjoy some delicious eats. So let's cover that now shall we?

Breakfast was a scary looking, hot, messy glob of wholesome goodness. I had old fashioned oats mixed with unsweetened coco, pumpkin pie spice, a dash of splenda and a banana. Uhm, so good. I don't care how scary it looks! I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee.

Lunch today was also tasty. I had leftover green beans from last night and a Morning Star Farms black bean burger on an English muffin. Oh these burgers!!! They're so good I could cry. So much better then a plain Boca burger, which I happen to love by the way so clearly they're amazing! Each bite is bursting with texture and flavor. I refuse to even add mustard or ketchup. HECK NO. It would ruin the flavor. NOTHING NEEDED! Except cheese, which I didn't have today but that's okay.

I was actually able to leave work today for a break. Oh it was so nice to get out. Sometimes I sit at my desk for so long that my ass goes numb. We went the Target to pick up a few things. Nothing exciting but it was nice to get out none the less.

For my afternoon snack I had (I don't care if you're bored with this) Oikos Greek yogurt again. I added red and concord grapes and a small cut up apple to make it even more "special". It was rich, creamy and delicious. YEAH!

And then get this everyone, I left work ON TIME today. It felt so GLORIOUS! We were at the gym by 5:30. SUPER! Some may even say duper!! It was cardio and shoulders today. Oh cardio.... Will I ever love thee? Probably not but I'll keep doing it anyways. We worked out for about 1:15 and then headed home.

For dinner tonight I felt like experimenting. Partially because I had no idea what to have and mostly because I had a weird mix of stuff in the fridge available to me. So here it is. In a large stock pot I sauteed a bag of coleslaw mix, a small onion, two green onions, some mushrooms, chickpeas, spay butter a little soy sauce. Weird? Not sure yet but it smells good! I topped it with leftover chicken tenders from the other night a little fresh green onions. HEY, IT WAS GOOD! I mean really good! And healthy. WINNER!!!

For a little snack later I made a cup of Raspberry Zinger tea and some chocolate animal crackers. I love these things. Not as crunchy as the regular ones but so chocolaty. MMM.

Ok, now it's time to watch my recorded episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE THIS SHOW! So goodnight everyone. Time to boogey! ;)

Oh, and look at Sir Oliver. He's being all good curled up with me tonight. I don't trust him though. I see crazy in them there eyes!!!

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