Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two for the price of one.

Hi everyone, I'M BACK! HAVE NO FEAR! ILDIE THE GREAT IS HERE! I was having computer issues YET AGAIN yesterday. SIGH! Coming home after work and the gym and not being able to Blog put me in a mood! I was actually yelling at my computer like a maniac. Like that's going to accomplish anything. It crashed on me again for no reason and Nick had to completely re-install Windows. Good thing he is a programer and works with computers because if he didn't, I would've been without a computer for a while. And by fix it I mean he "fixed it". For how long this time? Who knows!

Okay, I have a lot to cover so let's get started.

Work was busy yesterday. My tired little fingers are still sore from all the emails I was replying to. At least my breakfast was tasty. I had Oikos Greek yogurt with a banana and a little Post banana nut crunch cereal sprinkled over the top. It was SO good! I had it with a huge cup of hot and cozy coffee.

For lunch I enjoyed a wrap with chicken lunch meat, green peppers, sprouts, jalapeno hummus and spicy mustard. I had more green peppers and hummus on the side as well. I couldn't fit all of it into the wrap. It was a nice combo of flavors.

Ann talked me into taking a break later. Deep down I knew that leaving would end up being a bad idea since I was so busy but I did it anyways. We went to Barnes and Nobles down the street to hang out and enjoyed some tea. I was gone for 40 minutes and came back to 48 emails. I knew I would regret leaving. HA!

For my afternoon snack I enjoyed a warm bowl of old fashioned oats, pumpkin pie spice, splenda and dried cranberries. It warmed me right up. It was a cold day here in O-HI-O-HOW-I-HATE-THEE land.

After work it was off to the gym for cardio day. It was a good workout. Probably because I was so angry and stressed. I let it ALL out and felt much better afterwards. :)

For dinner I was feeling a bit lazy and Nick told me no to to fuss. YAY. So I decided to make pancakes. Hot, fluffy, sweet, decadent pancakes! I used the usual recipe and added banana, cinnamon and dried cherries to jazz them up a bit. Delicious decision. They were so good that I had to resist licking my plate clean. I had it with a nice, hot cup of tea. It was cold in the house but I refuse to turn the heat on just yet. The tea helped.

And basically that was my super exciting Monday.....

I came in to a large amount of emails again. I managed to get through half of them before I allowed myself to get up to grab a cup of coffee. The desire for coffee keeps me FOCUSED on getting things done faster. HA! Finally at almost 9:30 I found the courage to leave my office for 5 minutes and made this delicious plate of yummy stuff. Two open faced English muffin sandwiches with egg whites, fat free swiss cheese and hot mango habanero salsa. Of course I had it with a nice cup of coffee.

For lunch I enjoyed a nice salad made with romaine, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, chick peas and Greek feta dressing. Of course I kept working between bites. I swear it took me 30 minutes to eat it all. Eating slow is good though... Right?

I had no time to leave for a break today and worked straight through the day. (I need a vacation...)

For my very quick afternoon snack I enjoyed a Detour Yoga Bar. It was the peach/mango version. Not bad, not bad. The nutritional stats looked good too.

Once again I was unable to leave at 5:00. Ann waited on me patiently and we finally managed to leave at about 5:30. I loathe getting to the gym late. It was back and biceps day. I won't even lie, I was not motivated. We pushed ourselves for an hour though and got a good workout in. I think I'm just mentally drained.

I came home to an empty house and no idea what to have for dinner. Nick was visiting his mom and was having dinner there. So after much deliberation, I decided to make green beans, a small baked potato (microwaved) and a chicken sausage. I was trying the Al Fresca chicken sausage for the first time. It was the garlic one. Yummy. I will definitely try another variety next time. They had several to choose from.

Nick walked in just as I sat down to eat. He slowly, sweetly, subtly and delicately convinced me to let him turn the heat on. He hates being cold even more then I do and I HATE IT! It was 63 in the house. Way too cold for sitting and relaxing in the living room. I'm not keeping it on by any means. It's getting turned off as soon as we go to bed. My gas budget is high enough as is!!

For a nice little snack later I had a cup of tea and a Jell-O mousse pudding cup. I love these things.

Ok, there it is. Two days for the price of one. All wrapped up in a pretty package just for your reading enjoyment. Goodnight my lovelies. ;)

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janetha said...

oh well i thoroughly enjoyed my 2 for 1 this morning! i feel so lucky. so what exactly do you do for work? sounds like you have been BUSY AS SHIT. that blows. but, money is cool.. so yeah. you have been eating so many things that i would eat myself! love that. specifically the wrap and the open faced egg loving. and ESPESH that garbz salad! yummo! hope work is a little less crazy town today!


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